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Traveler Aisle Chair

Traveler Aisle Chair

The limitations of airplane aisle chairs are numerous, including that the wheelchair user can’t self propel after transferring into the aisle chair, and that the aisle chair is usually left behind on the jet bridge after boarding. That leaves wheelchair users stranded in their seats once they’re on the airplane, without a convenient and safe way to get to the lavatory or to disembark the plane without help. Icon’s Traveler is a personal aisle chair that puts wheelchair users, particularly self-propellers, back in control. At 14" wide and 16" long, the Traveler was designed to scoot through airplane aisles and into many airplane lavatories. It weighs just 11 lbs. and folds compactly when not in use. When it’s needed, it can be unfolded/assembled in under 30 seconds, and its low height makes transferring easy. Users propel the Traveler by grabbing the armrests of the airplane seats and pulling themselves down the aisle. Go to the Epical Solutions Web site for a video demonstration of the Traveler being used in an airplane.

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