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NaviONE Power Assist

NaviONE Power Assist

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

I looked at the power add-on wheels from Yamaha, the NaviONE. It does have some features that make it unique. The NaviONE has a system that controls all the components as one, where one wheel communicates with the other for more precise control and operation. They can also be set up for hemi propellers and users with uneven arm strength.

It has two different battery options, nickel and lithium, with the lithium battery’s expected range around 22 miles. It also has some built-in features for rollback prevention, downhill speed control, uphill assist, and side slope stability. The installation looks fairly straightforward to fit a variety of frames.

— Rick Graver, ATP, Medtech Services Inc.

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