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i-Drive Control System

Designed around a proprietary Central Processing Unit and Advanced Programming Software, i-Drive’s combination of hardware and software brings state-of-the-art technology to the alternative drive control segment. Real-time feedback provides smoother control and improved driving efficiency to build confidence, even in new drivers or those with limited functional ability. Interaction between driver and system occurs in real time thanks to the i-Drive CPU, which works at a frequency of 150 kHz. Add Stealth’s positioning components to build the optimal seating and driving system for each pediatric client.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

I like the new Stealth i-Drive specialty control module. It is basically a newer type of electronic interface device that allows you to set up, connect and program specialty drive and switch controls on complex, high-end power wheelchairs for people that lack the ability to drive with a traditional hand control joystick set-up.

With this new technology, the users can access input devices that will allow them to drive and use power seating functions through alternative switch access. We have been using a lot of knee abductor-mounted switches for our ALS [clients] and have had some successful outcomes.

— Frank Lane, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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