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Ergo Joystick

Ergo Joystick

As seen at the 2019 International Seating Symposium: Designed by power chair user Joe Olson, who holds a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science & Technology from the University of Pittsburgh, the Ergo Joystick fits onto a standard joystick handle and can replace traditional goalpost-style handles. Ergo Joysticks are 3D printed to fit the palms of their users. These handles provide a comfortable platform that makes driving intuitive and instinctive, and much less tiring for users with weakened or impaired hand function. Choose from three styles: the Panther supports the weight of the forearm and hand on the pads of the user’s palm. The Stingray conforms to the user’s palm and is designed to be most comfortable when the power chair is being driven forward. The Aero uses an arching, supportive design and is most effective for users with unique hand shapes. Ergo Joysticks are available in a range of colors and can be further customized with users’ names or other designs.

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