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Combi Toileting Chair


Among our conversations at the San Jose (Calif.) Abilities Expo in November was with the folks at Smirthwaite USA, formed this year as the American division of G&S Smirthwaite Ltd., based in the United Kingdom. Smirthwaite is focused on seating & positioning throughout a child’s day, whether the child is playing, learning, socializing, performing activities of daily living, or standing upright. And the company offers size ranges to fit early-intervention little ones all the way up to kids in their teens. Product offerings include the Combi Toileting Chair, which includes a potty, a commode seat, a seat pad and a pelvic strap, all standard; and several prone and supine standers. Many products we saw were easily adjustable in size so they could be used, for instance, by multiple children in a classroom or therapeutic setting. The bright, appealing colors and wood accents on many pieces make Smirthwaite products attractive for individual homes, classrooms or professional locations. — L.W.

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