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Obi Dining System

Obi Dining System

Mealtimes are more than just sustenance; they’re also social and emotional gatherings that feed the soul.

The Obi robotic dining companion makes it possible for people with physical disabilities — particularly those affecting their upper extremities — to dine independently instead of having to be fed by companions.

The Obi system can be quickly set up by a caregiver to tailor the food delivery per the preferences of its user. Then the user controls the dining experience via two switches, one that accesses the food that the user has selected, and the other that delivers the food to the user.

Patented Obi features and functions include multi-directional food capturing, portion control, spoon wiping and repositioning, all intended to make the dining experience as efficient and effective as possible. The Obi weighs about 7 lbs., which makes it easily transportable, and its rechargeable battery can provide up to four hours of service on a single charge so that Obi can function outside the home as well as inside it. Obi’s base and arm can be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe or a wet towel, and Obi’s spoon, plate and placemat can all be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Obi has been successfully funded by Veterans Affairs, Workers’ Compensation and other payors, and the Obi team can supply info on reimbursement from private insurers and Medicaid programs. Obi can also be purchased as a retail system.

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