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Spex Positioning

Spex SuperShape

The SuperShape Back Support is designed to provide postural integrity, pressure relief and comfort, even to users with very complex postural needs. The back’s extreme contouring makes it capable of applying surface contact with the user’s body, while being able to accommodate many different trunk shapes. The padded molding structure is composed of a three-layered Spex cube contouring substrate; the best result is achieved by creating areas of greater or lesser support with the adjustment of the multiple layered, padded pocket cells. The SuperShape can also adapt to a user’s changing postural needs.


    Spex Positioning

    Spex Positioning

    An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

    The Spex system is modular and comprises a grid of foam cubes. The individual cubes can be customized “on the spot” by adding to or removing foam to meet the individual’s specific upper-body shape.

    The Spex back support profile can be created based on the postural needs identified for the individual’s upper body. The system has the ability to instantly “create” greater volume or fullness in the back support where needed or to remove fullness to ensure good contact with the body contours.

    By providing seating which has the ability to be adjusted, clinicians and ATPs have the ability to continue to provide an individual with comfort and postural support, while meeting the asymmetrical postural presentation.

    — Lee Ann Hoffman, Clinical Educator, OT, MSc. Rehabilitation: Posture Management, Numotion

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