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HAULWAY Vehicle Lift

HAULWAY Vehicle Lift

Making its debut at Medtrade, the HAULWAY scooter and power chair lift line is available in multiple sizes and with a range of options designed to make transporting power chairs and scooters quick and efficient. HAULWAY models are built to be able to adjust to most mobility vehicles as well as automotive vehicles. EZ-ACCESS will offer a display rack to suppliers so they can show off a demo model in their office locations.

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B&D Independence, Inc.

High Tower

High Tower

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2015:

As an ATP that is also a CDRS (Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist), [I] deal a lot with wheelchair transportation and occupied wheelchair transit. B&D Independence has rolled out a new electric wheelchair docking system that I think many of the seating folks will be interested in. I like it because it removes the problems encountered with ground clearance for docking brackets, and it is more stable since it is mounted with a higher center of gravity. It does not increase width dimension.

— C. Dan Allison Jr., MS, OTR/L, ATP, CDRS, Shepherd Center, Atlanta

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Designed to provide maximum independence, the QLK-150 docking system is ideal for wheelchair users who drive their own vehicles or want to quickly secure their own chairs via a single-point system. The QLK-150 has been successfully crash tested forward, rearward and sideways to higher WC19 standards. The adhesive dash control features a compact design with larger touch area and embedded LED indicators to show system status. Optional base mounts achieve clearance as low as 1.5” (38mm) and as high as 4” (100mm). A flush surface eliminates snags and gives 3/16" of additional bolt clearance.

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DARIOS Hand Controls

DARIOS Hand Controls

As seen at the San Jose Abilities Expo: Combining function with beautiful form, DARIOS driving controls feature a digital ring installed on the steering wheel — without interfering with steering wheel airbag deployment. A wired connection between the steering wheel and the dashboard transmits the position of the accelerator ring to the gas pedal. KEMPF says DARIOS was tested in Daimler AG labs in Germany and found to be immune to electromagnetic noise, thus preventing unintentional accelerations.

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