BOSS HD Equalizer Bariatric Tilt System for Power Chairs

Offering a full range of tilt while also maintaining an environmentally practical low seat-to-floor height isn’t easy — but PaceSaver’s BOSS HD Equalizer system does just that. It provides 0° to 50° of weight-shifting tilt while managing to keep the seat-to-floor height at 17.5" to enable power chair users to optimally access various daily environments. The BOSS HD also offers 3" of center-of-gravity balance adjustment. The seat adjusts to 30" wide and 26" deep, and the sculptured back adjusts in angle, depth, height and back gap. Available options include elevating legrests or heavy-duty elevating legrests; swing-away and center column extra-wide/long footrest; thigh/hip/elbow supports; swing-away joystick mount; tie-down anchor points; and oxygen tank, among others.

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Avid Rehab

Vector HD

Vector HD

Designed to be clinically functional at an affordable price point, the Vector HD features four-pole motors to provide enhanced efficiency, torque and range. It has 14" drive wheels, 8x3" front and rear casters, and a rugged suspension to handle tougher terrains. All seating functions have a weight capacity of 450 lbs. Seat widths of 20-24" and seat depths of 16-22" (adjustable in 1" increments) help to ensure that critical positioning options are accessible to a wider range of clients.

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