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Forward Cushion

With mild to moderate skin protection and a design that emphasizes comfort and prevention of sliding, Ride Designs’ Forward wheelchair seat cushion can be a great intervention for growing kids, seniors or clients who have sustained a stroke, brain injury or incomplete spinal cord injury.

The Forward’s design surrounds the pelvis with supportive contours while reducing pressure around at-risk bony prominences. The result is improved postural control without compromising skin protection. The cushion is made to help keep hips level and positioned at the back of the chair, which can enhance the wheelchair user’s seated stability. Now the Forward cushion is available in four additional sizes — 14x18", 15x15", 15x17" and 17x17" — in response to industry demand.

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Matrx Kid*ab*ra Vi Cushion

Matrx Kid*ab*ra Vi Cushion

Ideal for pediatric users at moderate to high risk for skin breakdown, the Invacare Matrx Kid*ab*ra Vi wheelchair seat cushion was designed with dual-density, high-resiliency foam with a viscoelastic insert for comfort and support. The moisture-resistant, breathable cover protects the foam and can be easily wiped clean — important for busy families on the go.

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Supracor Inc.

Stimulite Contoured Cushion

Designed to provide positioning as well as comfort, the Stimulite Contoured Pediatric cushion has a soft top layer fused to a firmer bottom layer of flexible Stimulite honeycomb. Adductors, abductors and an ischial dish comfortably position the child, while the soft honeycomb cells hold the child securely in place. By providing optimal pressure relief, stability, shear force reduction and ventilation, the cushion helps to protect against pressure injuries. At 2.5" thick and weighing 1 to 2 lbs., the cushion is suitable for all activities and is naturally antibacterial.

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Supracor Inc.

Stimulite Silver

Stimulite Silver

Designed for users at lower risk of pressure injuries, the Stimulite Silver is a ventilated, double-layered cushion for use on a wheelchair, recliner or stadium seat. The cushion self-adjusts by contouring to each person’s anatomy while equalizing pressure across its surface. The footprint of flexible cells stimulates capillary action to keep oxygenated blood in tissues and to combat numbness that can occur when sitting for long periods.

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Aquila Corp.

SofTech Basic

SofTech Basic

Two groups of air bladders inflate, then slowly deflate in this alternating cushion to stimulate circulation and relieve pressure to skin and underlying tissues. The SofTech Basic cycles every 60 seconds and runs for more than 25 hours per charge. The system is contained inside the cushion, so nothing needs to be mounted on the chair. Operation is easy: just a single power switch. The cushion is available in 16x16", 18x18" and 20x20" widths/depths.

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Ki Mobility

Axiom SP Visco Cushion

Axiom SP Visco

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

The Axiom SP Visco (pictured) and SP Fluid, both coded as E2607/8, are available in sizes from 14x14" to 22x20".

Feedback from my customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Sometimes it’s difficult to judge the effectiveness of a seating interface; however, the follow-up comments I received were all good.

— Ralph Booker, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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CG Air

CG Air

Amylior’s new CG Air line of cushions is made of medical-grade PVC for increased durability and stability while maintaining pressure relief benefits. CG Air cushions are easy to clean, do not retain odors, are customizable to the user’s needs, and have no weight limit as long as a clinician or provider can verify that the client is sitting safely and comfortably. CG Air cushions come with a hand pump and a two-year replacement warranty. Cover choices are two-way stretch (standard), 3D mesh or an incontinence cover.

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Supracor Inc.

Stimulite Contoured XS

Stimulite Contoured XS

Working with a client who has sensitive skin, but needs a higher level of skin protection and positioning? Supracor’s Stimulite Contoured XS offers “Total Pressure Management” — pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture to help prevent pressure injuries. Stimulite’s unique ventilation system of perforated honeycomb circulates air and evaporates moisture to minimize humidity. The 3.5" thick, ventilated XS weighs just 3.25 lbs. and has a soft top honeycomb layer fused to two bottom layers.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Titanium Cushion

Titanium Gel/Foam

The Drive Medical Titanium Skin Protection and Positioning Gel/Foam cushion is designed to offer superior pressure redistribution via a combination of resilient, high-density foam and a dual-chamber gel bladder. Together, these media are designed to encourage proper posture through immersion into the cushion. A middle contour assists with positioning as a built-in leg abductor. The low-shear, fluid-resistant cover helps to maintain skin health, while the non-skid bottom offers added stability and safety. The cushion is HCPCS coded E2611/E2612.

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Sunrise Medical

JAY Fusion

JAY Fusion

The adjustable Fusion features a JAY Flow Fluid insert in a cushion that’s comfortable, stable and supportive. The contoured base is constructed from closed-cell foam, providing positioning of the pelvis and thighs, and reducing fluid migration in the insert. The Flow Fluid allows for deep pelvic immersion to distribute pressure and help prevent skin breakdown. Add the Flow Fluid insert to soft, dense foam, and you get a cushion that conforms to each user’s shape, adjusts to sitting positions and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences. A water-resistant inner cover helps prevent bacterial growth.

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