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Matrix Seating USA

Matrix Custom Back Support

Custom Back Support

The Matrix Custom Back Support combines the benefits of a custom-molded back with the convenience of being able to adjust for a client’s growth or changes in condition. The unique design provides terrific airflow to combat heat and moisture retention. The custom-shaped outer shell allows for easy attachment of mounting hardware, and the cover also minimizes heat and moisture retention. A proprietary viscoelastic foam responds to adjustments, and the Custom Back Support can be adjusted during or after delivery.

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Comfort Company

Inception Simulation Kit

Inception Simulation Kit

If off-the-shelf wheelchair seat cushions don’t work for your client, is a custom-molded seating system the only remaining option? Comfort Company doesn’t think so, and instead suggests its new Inception Simulation Kit. The kit is a tool that enables clinicians and ATPs to build a custom seat cushion using different types of foams and cushion components. Then, the client can test the simulated cushion prior to ordering — and the seating team can make adjustments, such as adding support or trying a different kind of foam. After deciding on the ideal combination of seating and support for a particular client, the ATP can place the seat cushion order with confidence. The Inception Simulation Kit comes in small, medium and large sizes. For more information on the kit, watch the video (url below); Comfort Company also offers a free hour-long Custom Seating solutions video tutorial that teaches viewers how to use the kit to build a customized system. CEUs are available for completing the online course.

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