Raz Design



The Raz-CAT compact, tilting, mobile shower commode chair is designed for children and smaller adults. The CAT’s adjustability and modularity ensure it fits “pedolescent” clients from childhood to adolescence and beyond. Available back assemblies include 14", 16" and 18" widths in either 15" or 18" heights. Seat depth is adjustable from 11" to 16" with the standard Raz-CAT seat. The chair tilts up to 40° for pressure shifts and trunk positioning. An 18" wide seat frame and base frame allow it to roll over most toilets. The chair is height adjustable for toilet bowl clearance and easier hygiene access by an attendant.

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Stealth Products, Inc.

Diego Pediatric Seating

Diego Pediatric Seating

The Diego system was inspired by the ever-changing complex rehab industry and the need for a pediatric seating system designed for that market. Through the years, Stealth Products has determined that the pediatric end user needs a modular growth seating system. The manufacturer began to look into how it could incorporate sound positioning features into a next-generation seating system that was not just a scaled-down version of an adult seat, but one designed specifically for a smaller user. Those are the advantages and benefits of Diego.

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Freedom Concepts

ASR 16

ASR 16

Freedom Concepts’ latest adaptive bike is the result of 28 years of physical therapist and customer feedback. With a frame height of only 14", the bike is easily mountable for people of any ability. And at just 68 lbs., it is light enough to take just about anywhere. Designed for therapy, inclusion and fun, the ASR 16 is Freedom Concepts’ most versatile bike yet and provides a huge range of benefits, including improved range of motion, development of balance and self-support, improved blood circulation, strengthening of anti-gravity muscles and improvements in overall mobility.

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Amylior Inc.

Alltrack P3

Alltrack P3

With either a mid-wheel or a hybrid rear-wheel-drive base, the P3 is ideal for children who want their independence and spend time with friends at the park, at school or at home. From the most basic to the most complex configuration, this model is entirely modular and customizable to the child’s needs. Active child? Not a problem. The P3 has the same interactive 6-wheel suspension as its adult counterpart, along with seat suspension to provide maximum stability and smoothness. With simple and accurate controls installed according to the child’s abilities, moving around is easy. The Alltrack P3 can accommodate up to 300 lbs. (136 kg).

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Quantum Rehab

Edge 3 with iLevel

Edge 3 with iLevel

With features like standard 6.2-mph motors and advanced responsiveness, the Edge 3 can meet the needs of the most active child. The Edge 3 is available with iLevel adjustable seat height (up to 12" while driving at 4.5 mph) and features bold aesthetics with 19 color options to fit any personality. It accepts a complete range of seating and electronics options to deliver exceptional rehab capability at an excellent value. Seating sizes are available as small as 12x12" (14x14" with addition of recline and AFP). Front and rear LED fender lights are standard; Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control and Accu-Trac Tracking Technology are available.

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Symmetric Designs

Savant Headrest

Savant Headrest

The moldable Savant provides cool, lightweight support and is easily shaped by hand. Gel pads offer a soft, customized fit. The Savant attaches to three-point hardware and can be used with the headband (included with the system) for additional anterior support. The Savant’s construction and design allow for air circulation and provide a low-profile, unobtrusive appearance. Plus, the system is easy for families to maintain and clean: Just sponge clean with soap and water, then air dry.

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Convaid | R82



Convaid’s Flyer, a lightweight, modular complex rehab wheelchair for kids, has been updated. Changes and new options include an easy swingaway mechanism for trunk laterals to improve accessibility; removable armrests that are angle, depth and height adjustable; an upper-extremity support tray; medial thigh supports; Camlocks that are included in the hardware kit for vest and belts; and wheel options (standard fixed rear wheels for increased chair stability, with quick-release rear wheels as an option). The Flyer is portable and expandable to keep up with growing kids and busy families.

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Sunrise Medical



The ZIPPIE Voyage early-intervention device combines Baby Jogger stroller expertise, ZIPPIE’s incredibly versatile seating for growing babies, and one of the largest selections of functional accessories in the industry. The Voyage features a 35° tilt range and optional recline for superior positioning. Varying foam softnesses and thicknesses, and multiple options for head, hip, thigh, and trunk supports, help create a custom combination tailored for a child’s unique positioning needs. The Voyage’s cushion, back, and positioning components offer extensive adjustability to keep up with the rapid growth of infants and toddlers.

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Leggero Trak


This easy-to-fold tilt-in-space wheelchair assumes a compact folded profile for convenient transportability. With 45° tilt in space, 30° hip angle adjustment, and the RESPOND contoured seating system, this chair can accommodate a range of positioning needs. The TRAK is available in two sizes: TRAK 12 has a seat depth of 6-12" and a seat depth range of 6.5-15". TRAK 14 has a seat width of 8-14" and a seat depth of 6.5-15". Both sizes have a maximum user weight of 80 lbs. and weigh just 29 lbs. each. Accessories include an LTV ventilator mount, an underframe tray, an oxygen tank older and an IV pole.

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Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Zitzi Starfish Pro

Starfish Pro

Starfish is an adjustable shower and commode chair that will fit today and grow for tomorrow. The stainless-steel chair comes in three sizes on three chassis models: manual adjust, hydraulic and power-assist height adjustment. All models have tilt and recline back. Seat widths start at 13.6", and adjustments on each Starfish seat are step-less in depth, width, abduction and adduction. The chair rises for ease on the caregiver, to match a toilet height or to assist with transfers. Each accessory is easily mounted and adjustable for the best postural control. Pressure-relieving material covers the seat, back, laterals and leg accessories.

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