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Little Wave Flip

Little Wave Flip

By integrating styling elements seen in strollers — and 500+ color combinations! — this new tilt-in-space chair seeks to facilitate the first step toward early-intervention positioning. Because the Flip has fewer parts than other tilt chairs, its seat height, depth and width are easy to change as the child grows. A tube-in-tube seat rail design is modular so changes can be made without replacing parts. The raised pivot point on the folding back allows more seating to remain on the chair when it’s folded.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2016:

A great transition for the kiddos and their parents who still want a stroller concept, but have outgrown the appropriateness of a rehab stroller. Can put any seating on it, and love the way it folds!

— Anne Kieschnik, ATP, CRTS, Numotion

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Thomashilfen North America



This stroller-style pediatric folding wheelchair offers tilt in space (-10° to +31°) and recline (90° to 145°) functions for children with moderate to complex medical and positioning needs and is particularly beneficial for kids with low muscle tone in the trunk. A patented tipping-prevention function (Balance Safety System) prevents the child’s weight from shifting backward so center of gravity is maintained. Micro Stimulation Technology — an anatomically shaped spinal column plus gently moving parts — respond to the child’s natural movements to give the child tactile cues as to how he/she is sitting and to encourage improved body awareness. Seat position is reversible.

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Stealth Products

I-Drive 4.0

I-Drive 4.0

I-Drive’s newest hardware and software release includes built-in Bluetooth for seamless programming and future connectivity. Smart ports recognize when something is plugged in, which enables easy troubleshooting. A real-time user interface facilitates improved driving efficiency and a more effective learning curve thanks to smooth, intuitive controls. I-Drive’s latest release is designed to offer endless possibilities in configuration.

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A lightweight, easily foldable, dependent wheelchair, TRAK offers 45° of tilt in space and 30° of hip-angle adjustment, plus easy adjustment of handlebar, back height, seat depth and knee angle. The RESPOND seating system can be contoured to fit each child; options include trunk supports, therapeutic tray, curvature configuration, hip guides and a positioning wedge kit.

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The lightweight, compact Trekker can take kids around in style while supporting their positioning needs. The Trekker offers adjustable tilt from -5° to 45°, 170° of recline, plus “functional” and “rest” positions to match whatever activity is happening at the moment. Trekker’s seating can be forward facing (so the child can look out at the world) or rear facing (to look at the caregiver). A WC19 transport option is available.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare


This free-standing commode is designed to be easy to maintain and can be used at home or at school to help promote a child’s efforts at learning successful toileting skills and independence. The Pinniped comes in red or blue frames and features a height-adjustable, snap-on seat, adjustable hook & loop chest strap, molded plastic armrests, non-skid rubber foot tips, a 7.5-quart removable commode bucket, and a metal handle and cover.

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Columbia Medical

Spirit APS

Spirit APS

This pediatric car seat offers swing-away trunk and hip supports like those found in complex seating and wheelchair systems to provide optimal positioning for kids with diagnoses that include positioning needs, such as cerebral palsy or scoliosis. The Spirit APS fits kids weighing from 25 to 130 lbs. and measuring up to 66" in height.

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Adaptive Switch Laboratories

4-Switch Array

4-Switch Array

Four proximity sensors enable the driver to operate a power wheelchair by covering the corresponding forward, reverse, left or right sensor. This Atom proximity array can be used as a wireless switch interface for computer access or communication devices. The system is usually mounted in the ASL 601 Full Lap Tray Driving Platform or in an ASL 619 Eclipse Tray, though it can be used with no tray. Sensors can be positioned anywhere inside the tray.

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Quantum Rehab

Q6 Edge & iLevel

Q6 Edge 2.0 iLevel

Now kids can be at eye level with their peers, thanks to the Q6 Edge 2.0 power base and pediatric iLevel technology that provides complex rehab seating and power mobility. The system can include tilt, recline and a power articulating foot platform, plus iLevel seat elevation of up to 10" of lift while driving at up to 3.5 mph to keep up with pals. In 12x12" seat sizes and up.

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AllTrackP Series

AllTrack P Series

The Alltrack P series pediatric configuration can be used on the Alltrack mid-wheel or R Hybrid power base to create just the right mobility system for active kids whose adventures take place indoors and outside. The interactive, six-wheel suspension plus seat suspension enhance the power chair’s stability, mobility and comfort. A wide range of powered seating options, including customized ones, is available.

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