Adaptive Switch Laboratories

4-Switch Array

4-Switch Array

Four proximity sensors enable the driver to operate a power wheelchair by covering the corresponding forward, reverse, left or right sensor. This Atom proximity array can be used as a wireless switch interface for computer access or communication devices. The system is usually mounted in the ASL 601 Full Lap Tray Driving Platform or in an ASL 619 Eclipse Tray, though it can be used with no tray. Sensors can be positioned anywhere inside the tray.

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Quantum Rehab

Q6 Edge & iLevel

Q6 Edge 2.0 iLevel

Now kids can be at eye level with their peers, thanks to the Q6 Edge 2.0 power base and pediatric iLevel technology that provides complex rehab seating and power mobility. The system can include tilt, recline and a power articulating foot platform, plus iLevel seat elevation of up to 10" of lift while driving at up to 3.5 mph to keep up with pals. In 12x12" seat sizes and up.

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AllTrackP Series

AllTrack P Series

The Alltrack P series pediatric configuration can be used on the Alltrack mid-wheel or R Hybrid power base to create just the right mobility system for active kids whose adventures take place indoors and outside. The interactive, six-wheel suspension plus seat suspension enhance the power chair’s stability, mobility and comfort. A wide range of powered seating options, including customized ones, is available.

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JUNIOR Cushions & Backs

JUNIOR Cushions Backs

The JUNIOR line of seat cushions and back supports was designed especially for active kids, using anthropometric data to develop lightweight, streamlined seating solutions. The lineup includes a 10x10" seat cushion, plus 10" back supports (for 9-11" chairs) in mid or deep configurations and with pediatric-specific VariLock hardware. All use VARILITE Air-Foam Floatation.

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Pacific Rehab



The concept behind this dynamic head support is to begin to position the child’s head in the neutral point of balance over their base of support, either sitting or standing, while allowing free head rotation and forward movement to strengthen head control over time. The ladder strap over the head is adjustable to allow movement within the plane of strength.

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Ki Mobility

Little Wave Clik

With width/depth growth of 8" to 16", this chair promotes independence for kids. Index System tubing has dimples to optimize adjustment and eliminate guesswork. The Little Wave Clik promotes proper positioning and wheel access, so you’re one “click” away from a just-right fit. The dynamic fifth wheel allows you to adjust range and spring rate to match your rider’s abilities. With a 12.5-lb. transport weight and 165-lb. weight capacity.

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Thomashilfen North America

Recaro Monza Nova 2

Recaro Monza Nova 2

The Recaro Monza Nova 2 Reha booster seat offers supportive positioning for kids with special needs. It features adjustable lateral supports, a full-range positioning harness and a unique swivel base accessory for safe and convenient transfers. Other accessories include a tray, footrest, seat-depth extender and seat wedge for 15° additional recline.

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Supracor Inc.

Stimulite Contoured

The Stimulite Contoured Pediatric Cushion has a soft top layer fused to a firmer bottom layer of honeycomb for positioning and comfort. Adductors, abductors and an ischial dish position the child, while soft honeycomb cells keep him/her in place. The cushion is available in sizes 10x10", 12x12" and 14x14", and it’s naturally antimicrobial and machine washable.

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Rifton Equipment

Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer

Dynamic Pacer Gait Trainer

As Seen at APTA CSM: The venerable Rifton Pacer has been around awhile, but you’ve never seen it like this. Modularity is the key to the new Dynamic Pacer: Choose what you want and need, from a base with larger wheels perfect for outdoor settings, to wide arm platforms comfortable for leaning and balancing against. The new dynamic upper frame is easy to adjust and offers, Rifton says, 8 cm (3.15") of vertical and 5 cm (nearly 2") of horizontal movement. That enables this gait trainer to move with the client and can even complement the natural movements that come with walking. The Dynamic Pacer is available in three base types: The standard base is suited for indoor and outdoor environments, while the utility base’s larger wheels are great outdoors, and the treadmill/stability base is wider and more stable, and can be used with a treadmill. Accessories include those new arm platforms, a multi-position saddle, and hand loops. At February’s American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting in Anaheim, Calif., PTs loved the Dynamic Pacer’s single-point height-adjustment system, operated so easily thanks to a locking gas spring. They also oohed and aahed over fun new colors (lime as well as bubblegum pink, shown) and a clever odometer tucked right over the wheel so you can easily see how far your client has walked.

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Freedom Concepts

Chill-Out Chair Options

Chill-Out Chair Options

Chill-Out Chair Options

As Seen at ISS: Sometimes, a kid’s just gotta chill — but finding just the right location can be a challenge for kids with postural issues. Freedom Concepts’ Chill-Out Chair has long offered comfortable, upright, independent seating via a deep-V foam design that hugs and “cocoons” kids to eliminate the needs for straps or restraints. Now, the attractive and appealing Chill-Out Chair has a new array of options, including an All-Terrain Wheel Kit so the chair can be taken on gravel roads or outdoor trails, and Sunbrella fabrics that stand up to family camping trips and lounging on patios.

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