Snug Seat

X:Panda Dynamic Seating

X:Panda Dynamic Seating

A multi-adjustable seat in four sizes, the X:Panda includes a dynamic back so the child can extend and push back against relatively light resistance and then return to the desired position. For feeding and transportation times, the back is lockable — or it can be angled to provide an open or closed hip angle. X:Panda has up to 4" of seat width/depth adjustment for growth. Complies with ISO 16840-4.

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Columbia Medical



The Sprout pediatric wheelchair folds for easy transport and storage, and the frame grows in width through four sizes to keep up with kids (seat depth grows from 9" to 18"). Widths and depths can be configured independently. In four sizes (12", 14", 16", 18") in weight capacities of 100 to 165 lbs.

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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

Zippie X’CAPE

Zippie X’CAPE

With a weight as low as 19 lbs., the X’CAPE lets kids spend less energy on propulsion, so they have more left to learn, play and explore. XLOCK technology enables the X’CAPE to fold, while preserving rigid-frame-like performance. Available with fixed-front frame option or swing-in/out hangers. Seat widths/depths start at 8".

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K300 PS Junior

K300 PS Junior

The K300 front-wheel drive power base, with a 165-lb. user weight capacity, has growth built right in. Seat widths are available 11-16", and seat depths from 10" to 18". Armrests are adjustable, and the K300 offers seat elevation and optional power or manual tilt (45°) functions, plus programmable R-net controls. To ensure kids can keep up with pals, the base comes with a 5-mph top speed, with an upgrade to 6.5 mph available. An array of eye-catching color choices make sure that heads turn when the K300’s owner arrives on the scene.

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Smirthwaite USA

Combi Toileting Chair


Among our conversations at the San Jose (Calif.) Abilities Expo in November was with the folks at Smirthwaite USA, formed this year as the American division of G&S Smirthwaite Ltd., based in the United Kingdom. Smirthwaite is focused on seating & positioning throughout a child’s day, whether the child is playing, learning, socializing, performing activities of daily living, or standing upright. And the company offers size ranges to fit early-intervention little ones all the way up to kids in their teens. Product offerings include the Combi Toileting Chair, which includes a potty, a commode seat, a seat pad and a pelvic strap, all standard; and several prone and supine standers. Many products we saw were easily adjustable in size so they could be used, for instance, by multiple children in a classroom or therapeutic setting. The bright, appealing colors and wood accents on many pieces make Smirthwaite products attractive for individual homes, classrooms or professional locations. — L.W.

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Rifton Equipment



Seen at the Abilities Expo in San Jose: Rifton’s multi-tasking Hygiene Toileting System (HTS) that seems to anticipate just about every activity that happens in the bathroom, just about every positioning requirement for special needs children, and just about every wish ever thought up by parents and caregivers. The HTS supports toileting, showering and bathing — including salon-style hair washing, thanks to up to 15° of rearward tilt. (For easier transfers, the HTS can also tilt forward up to 15°.) Take the HTS seating off the base and attach it securely to a toilet; roll the seating and the base over the toilet; or use the commode pan and the HTS functions as a stand-alone toilet. Accessories include seat and back pads, headrest, butterfly harness, anterior support/tray, lateral supports, hip guides, commode pan, deflector, abductor, ankle straps, calfrest and footboard. Choose the basic model or the fully accessorized one; choose the stationary, mobile (wheeled) or bathtub base. There’s even a portable base for travel (and a travel bag to match). I’ve seen ATPs and clinicians get pretty excited upon seeing the HTS for the first time, and with its versatility and growability, it’s not hard to see why. — L.W.

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Thanks to 30° of tilt, the Cruiser helps to improve kids’ postural control throughout the upper body, while the Self-Tensio self-tensioning seating system helps to promote neutral pelvic positioning. Available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18, with a 250-lb., weight capacity, the built-to-order Cruiser can accommodate children right into their teens and adulthood. A transit option is available with four bright red anchors, H-harness positioning belts, foot positioners and headrest extension. The Cruiser folds easily and weighs just 27 to 32 lbs., depending on size selected.

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