Supracor Inc.

Stimulite Contoured Cushion

Designed to provide positioning as well as comfort, the Stimulite Contoured Pediatric cushion has a soft top layer fused to a firmer bottom layer of flexible Stimulite honeycomb. Adductors, abductors and an ischial dish comfortably position the child, while the soft honeycomb cells hold the child securely in place. By providing optimal pressure relief, stability, shear force reduction and ventilation, the cushion helps to protect against pressure injuries. At 2.5" thick and weighing 1 to 2 lbs., the cushion is suitable for all activities and is naturally antibacterial.

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Invacare Corporation

Matrx Kid*ab*ra Vi Cushion

Matrx Kid*ab*ra Vi Cushion

Ideal for pediatric users at moderate to high risk for skin breakdown, the Invacare Matrx Kid*ab*ra Vi wheelchair seat cushion was designed with dual-density, high-resiliency foam with a viscoelastic insert for comfort and support. The moisture-resistant, breathable cover protects the foam and can be easily wiped clean — important for busy families on the go.

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TiLite Pilot

TiLite Pilot

Little riders need kid-friendly technology! The new Pilot has built-in forward growth adjustment so kids can maintain optimal rear wheel access for the most efficient propulsion possible (without needing to relearn push mechanics). A clean frame design features a seat pan and side panels that provide easy access to the adjustment bolts, so changes are simple and intuitive to make. Adjustments can be done without compromising access to the rear wheels. The ultralightweight design and carbon fiber frame panels make the Pilot 50 percent lighter and ever-so-easy to navigate for kids. Sized from 8x9" to 14x15".

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Stealth Products

i-Drive Control System

Designed around a proprietary Central Processing Unit and Advanced Programming Software, i-Drive’s combination of hardware and software brings state-of-the-art technology to the alternative drive control segment. Real-time feedback provides smoother control and improved driving efficiency to build confidence, even in new drivers or those with limited functional ability. Interaction between driver and system occurs in real time thanks to the i-Drive CPU, which works at a frequency of 150 kHz. Add Stealth’s positioning components to build the optimal seating and driving system for each pediatric client.

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

I like the new Stealth i-Drive specialty control module. It is basically a newer type of electronic interface device that allows you to set up, connect and program specialty drive and switch controls on complex, high-end power wheelchairs for people that lack the ability to drive with a traditional hand control joystick set-up.

With this new technology, the users can access input devices that will allow them to drive and use power seating functions through alternative switch access. We have been using a lot of knee abductor-mounted switches for our ALS [clients] and have had some successful outcomes.

— Frank Lane, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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Raz Design



This compact, tilting rehab shower commode chair was specifically designed for growing children and smaller adults. The Raz-CAT’s adjustability and modularity make it ideal to fit kids and teens through childhood and beyond. An 18" wide seat frame and base allow the Raz-CAT to roll over most toilets. Adjustable height enables the unit to clear toilet bowls and provides easier hygiene access by the caregiver. Backs are available in 14", 16" and 18" widths and in 15" or 18" heights. Seat depth adjusts from 11" to 16" with the standard Raz-CAT seat. Tilt capacities up to 40° reduce pressure and provide optimal trunk positioning. With a frame that’s 3" shorter than the Raz-AT, the CAT (Compact Attendant Tilt) is more maneuverable than larger hygiene units, but still is compatible with Raz accessories and custom seats.

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Convaid | R82



Convaid’s new Flyer is the latest addition to the company’s tilt-in-space portfolio. This lightweight, all-day pediatric chair is great for kids who are “graduating” from a stroller-style chair. The Flyer is modular and portable, built with growth in mind while accommodating aftermarket seating. Remove the seating module from the mobility base for easy lifting, transporting and storage. The Flyer grows in width, depth and height to keep up with kids.

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Thomashilfen North America



The new Defender Reha Car Seat’s features include seat and back with height-adjustable headrest, LATCH equipped, 5-point safety/positioning belt with shoulder pads, chest clip, small crotch pad, and a set of removable head, trunk and hip supports. Additional accessories include footrest, tray, cup holder and seat wedge. For Canadian partners, Thomashilfen will feature a Defender booster seat with swivel base accessory for ease of loading/unloading.

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JUNIOR Seat Cushion

JUNIOR Seat Cushion

Key Kids’ Words: Designed using anthropometric data

The JUNIOR cushion is designed to provide a comfortable, stable foundation for exploration and adventure. Lightweight, multi-stiffness foam promotes immersion, stability and positioning, while a washable, water-resistant cover lets kids be kids. The JUNIOR has a VARILITE self-inflating valve for quick and easy adjustments. Thanks to the use of anthropometric data, VARILITE’s engineers created this cushion with a full range of size-appropriate seating and positioning items.

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Dynamic Systems Inc.

Liquid SunMate FIPS

Liquid SunMate FIPS

Key Kids' Words: Mold new cushions as child grows

Liquid SunMate Foam-in-Place Seating (FIPS) is a direct custom-molding seating system to help correct or slow progressive deformities and improve body functions through fixed posture control. The FIPS liquid molds exactly to the body contour and cures into an open-cell viscoelastic foam. The finished cushion redistributes pressure evenly for management of tissue loads, and is easily modified to accommodate belts, harnesses, Pudgee, gel or air-cell inserts, or adjustable supports. FIPS is a quick, easy, affordable way to mold new cushions as a child grows. It can be used on its own or with a variety of fabric-finished molding bag systems on the market. Six different formulations and four unit sizes accommodate cushion molding for all ages and sizes.

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Quantum Rehab

Go Chair

Go Chair

Key Kids’ Words: Ultra-compact for great access to environments

The Go Chair — available via special order — is designed to meet the demands of active kids, thanks to a go-get-’em top speed of 3.7 mph. Its ultra-compact size gives kids access to childhood environments, while Mom and Dad will appreciate the one-hand, feather-touch disassembly to make transporting the Go Chair quick and easy. Seating and positioning components are available to dial in the exact support each child needs. And vibrant color choices give each child the chance to customize his or her Go Chair.

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