Change the seat position from forward facing to facing the caregiver — while the child is seated! The new Stingray’s 180° swiveling seat makes that possible, and that’s only the start of the positioning features. Stingray also offers up to 45° of tilt and 170° of recline to support a range of postural needs. The chair folds compactly and features separate base and seating modules. Stingray is available in seven color choices and in two sizes, with a range of accessories to customize each chair.

  • (844) 876-6245

Rolling Buddies

Wheelchair Accents

Wheelchair Accents

Rolling Buddies’ wheelchair accents enable kids to personalize and show off their rides. The decorations, available in dozens of designs, are made of scratch- and UV-resistant Lexan with smooth edges for safety. They’re attached via corrosion-resistant nylon 6/6 horseshoe hardware and Velcro fasteners. Buy the accents individually or by the pair in sizes small (4.5x5"), medium (8x8.5") or large (16.5x16.25"). Rolling Buddies can add your company logo to the accents to help you expand your brand recognition when you offer the decorations as giveaway or retail items.

  • (810) 333-2960

Rifton Equipment

Hygiene Toileting System

Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS)

Proper positioning can be crucial to successful toileting, for child and parents, and Rifton’s HTS strives to provide that optimal positioning. In addition, the open seat facilitates proper cleaning, and an adjustable headrest makes showering easier. The entire system is designed to be easy to keep clean, and it can be used on, over or off a standard or elongated toilet. Adjusts as the child grows.

  • (800) 571-8198


JUNIOR Cushions & Back Supports

JUNIOR Cushions & Back Supports

Kids are not just miniature adults, which is why VARILITE used anthropometric data to create its JUNIOR line of seat cushions and back supports for active users. Seat cushions are available in a 10x10" size using Air-Foam Floatation. Back supports come in Mid or Deep configurations in a 10" size that fits chairs measuring 9" to 11". Backs use Air-Foam Floatation with pediatric-specific VariLock hardware.

  • (800) 827-4548

Thomashilfen North America

ThevoSleepingStar A

ThevoSleepingStar A

The original ThevoSleepingStar support surface has wing suspensions to provide tiny movement impulses that calm children as they are in bed. The “active” A model additionally provides sensory support by providing the movement for children who cannot supply movement themselves. Choose Wave, Rotation, Inclined Plane or Static from the movement “menu” to reduce pressure, pain and spasms and improve quality of sleep. The quiet system ensures operation without disturbing the child’s rest.

  • (866) 870-2122

Stealth Products, Inc.

Tarta Backrests

Tarta Backrests

This ergonomic backrest uses state-of-the-art materials and design concepts to provide adaptable support that optimizes function for busy users, including busy children who experience a range of environments and activities every day.

  • (800) 965-9229

Adaptive Switch Laboratories

558 ATOM Wireless Mouse Emulator

558 ATOM Wireless Mouse Emulator

This wireless mouse emulator, created to pair with the ASL 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array, plugs directly into the USB port on a communication device or computer. Full mouse emulation can be achieved with just three switch inputs: Right moves the mouse cursor right/left on the screen. Forward moves the mouse up/down. Left controls left click, double click and drag. The wireless connection works directly with the 104 ATOM Electronic Head Array when it’s in the user switch mode.

  • (800) 626-8698

Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

BORIS Shower Commode Chair

BORIS Shower Commode Chair

This new, stylish and comfortable BORIS shower chair is available in five sizes and a range of seat widths to fit and support kids from birth into their teens. A UV-protected, PE plastic-molded seat shell gives strong upper-body support, while the stainless steel chassis can be set into a tilted position to provide rest. Gas cylinders smoothly tilt on demand, and the frame height adjusts easily to whatever toilet height is optimal. Positioning accessories include head support, cushioned seat insert, a safety bar/tray, footplates and a splash guard that also performs as an abductor.

  • (888) 347-4537




The TRAK tilt-in-space strollerstyle wheelchair features easily adjustable seat depth and back height to dial in just the right combination of positioning and support for each child. The TRAK also is equipped with RESPOND seating that can be contoured specifically as needed. A sunshade and under-seat storage bag come standard with each wheelchair to make outings and activities more convenient and enjoyable for the whole family.

  • (844) 503-5437


R82 Stingray

R82 Stingray

Adjustments, comfort and lightness in steering are key attributes of the Stingray wheelchair, which boasts a 180° turnable seat, even with the child seated. Angle adjustability makes it easy to find exactly the position that’s best for any user. With an efficient suspension and a safe and secure braking system, the R82 Stingray is easy to drive for parents while offering functional positioning for the child.

  • (888) 266-8243

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    Comparing and contrasting wheelchairs for kids, including manual caregiver-propelled, power and manual self-propelled models.

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