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Prime Engineering

Superstand HLT

Superstand HLT

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

Need a stander for your classroom? Order the Superstand HLT from Prime Engineering with the adjustable depth and height supports. The trunk laterals and hip guides will be in slots that go in/out and up/down by just sliding. Also, upgrade to the metal wheels. This one unit can go prone, supine, upright, abduct, and accommodate almost any postural impairment.

For severe knee and hip contractures (20-90°), add the special system (get a longer bar for hip contractures). There will be no pressure on the patellae, and you can start to try to gain range. One study gained 3° a week! If you need more than 30° of abduction, order a longer bar and the rotational foot plates so you can align the hind foot with the tibia.

For the final touch, order the water-resistant covers. These look great, but also offer an additional level of cleanliness, as you can swap them out and wash them between users.

— Ginny Paleg, PT, DScPT, MPT

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Ki Mobility

Axiom SP Visco Cushion

Axiom SP Visco

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

The Axiom SP Visco (pictured) and SP Fluid, both coded as E2607/8, are available in sizes from 14x14" to 22x20".

Feedback from my customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Sometimes it’s difficult to judge the effectiveness of a seating interface; however, the follow-up comments I received were all good.

— Ralph Booker, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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Complex Rehab Supplies

Proximity Closures

Proximity Closures

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

These innovative magnetic buckles have opened up a whole new word for the end user and caregiver.

These buckles are brilliantly designed to be super easy to open and to close for so many individuals with limited hand function,who previously had to forgo strapping due to the compromised independence they incurred.

[President] Ken Keim has also kept cost within necessary limits to allow for constraints of funding. I think this new product is the best thing since sliced bread!

— Mala Aaronson, OT, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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Stealth Products

Ultra Head Support

Ultra Head Support

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

This head support has been around for a while, but it is one of my favorites! Its modular support provides occipital, suboccipital, and lateral head support to achieve and maintain neck alignment. I can even swap out a lateral pad with a switch to access an assistive technology device!

— Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

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Aquila Corp.

SofTech Basic

SofTech Basic

Two groups of air bladders inflate, then slowly deflate in this alternating cushion to stimulate circulation and relieve pressure to skin and underlying tissues. The SofTech Basic cycles every 60 seconds and runs for more than 25 hours per charge. The system is contained inside the cushion, so nothing needs to be mounted on the chair. Operation is easy: just a single power switch. The cushion is available in 16x16", 18x18" and 20x20" widths/depths.

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Supracor Inc.

Stimulite Silver

Stimulite Silver

Designed for users at lower risk of pressure injuries, the Stimulite Silver is a ventilated, double-layered cushion for use on a wheelchair, recliner or stadium seat. The cushion self-adjusts by contouring to each person’s anatomy while equalizing pressure across its surface. The footprint of flexible cells stimulates capillary action to keep oxygenated blood in tissues and to combat numbness that can occur when sitting for long periods.

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6-Point Chest Harness

6-Point Chest Harness

Biodynamics’ standard 6-point chest harness is a great solution for the little “Houdini’s” we serve!

I have one such Houdini of my own, and previously had to have another seating company make one of these custom, which of course raised the pricing to a less comfortable level.

With a standard model, Biodynamics has provided a great, affordable solution for those that were able to find their way out of the usual 4-point harnesses.

— Mala Aaronson, OT, ATP, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

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Motion Concepts

Matrx Elan Headrest

Matrx Elan Headrest

This new headrest has been a godsend in my facility for providing more optimal head control compared to all the other headrests we’ve tried. It gives suboccipital and lateral control that can be infinitely adjusted/readjusted to each user. I love it!

— Lisa Troy, PT, DPT, ATP, New England Pediatric Care

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M3 Corpus

M3 Corpus

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2018:

The anterior tilt packages and Connected chair features are one of a kind, and the chair overall is unmatched in terms of quality, durability and positioning.

— Chris Bittner, ATP, Numotion

An ATP & Clinician Best Pick of 2017:

The integrated mouse/Bluetooth module allows mounting to the rear, which allows alternate drive clients to interact with their environment when funding sources are limited. The caster wheels’ new shape allows changing direction without a lot of unintended movement, which is crucial for an alternate drive client.

— Jeff Decker, ATP/SMS, CRTS, National Seating & Mobility

M3 is a great progression of Permobil’s mid-wheel-drive chair that users find very appealing functionally and aesthetically. The anterior tilt Active Reach options are changing the way we can view transfer solutions, and it also allows users to accomplish activities of daily living in a safer and easier way, including reaching into high cabinets and beyond obstruction.

— Robert Houston, ATP, Numotion

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Matrix Seating USA

Matrix Custom Back Support

Custom Back Support

The Matrix Custom Back Support combines the benefits of a custom-molded back with the convenience of being able to adjust for a client’s growth or changes in condition. The unique design provides terrific airflow to combat heat and moisture retention. The custom-shaped outer shell allows for easy attachment of mounting hardware, and the cover also minimizes heat and moisture retention. A proprietary viscoelastic foam responds to adjustments, and the Custom Back Support can be adjusted during or after delivery.

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