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2022 Mobility Product Award Winner: Smart Technology

LUCI Air is a smart air cushion pressure monitor that informs riders if their seat cushion is properly inflated, as well as how much time they spend sitting, and how often they are off-loading from their cushion. Through the MyLuci app, riders can view the data they need to manage their skin, create offloading targets, set reminders, and track their progress. Today, this patent-pending technology is the first of its kind to offer accurate, effortless cushion pressure monitoring for power wheelchair users.

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Motion Concepts

Matrx PSP HD Cushion

Matrx PSP HD Cushion

2022 Mobility Product Award Winner: Cushions, Skin Protection & Positioning

The PSP (Posture Seat Polymer) cushion combines lightweight stability and support of the PS foam base with a polymer overlay for superior protection, positioning and shear reduction. The inner cover and reversible outer cover (available on stock sizes) offer an additional moisture barrier to prevent fluids or contaminants from reaching the foam. In-stock sizes include 22", 24", 26" widths and 18", 20", 22" depths with weight capacities up to 600 lbs., but check with your Motion Concepts rep regarding additional sizes.

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Motion Composites

NXT Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Back Support

NXT Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Back Support

2022 Mobility Product Award Winner: Backs: Planar Backs & Laterals

The NXT Armadillo Back Support is a multi-adjustable postural support back that features a three-section modular shell with smartGEL Infused Visco Technology back cushion. Combined with NXT’s smartx3D fabric, Armadillo provides the ultimate breathability, durability, comfort and support. It’s designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine and to accommodate users with kyphosis and other unique spinal positioning needs.

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Freedom Designs, Inc.

NXT Wheelchair

NXT Wheelchair

The Freedom Designs NXT manual wheelchair is quick and easy to adjust to continue to meet kids’ needs as they grow. To eliminate surprises, each NXT includes the Freedom “Future Fit” program, which provides the parts necessary to grow the width of the NXT one time during the life of the frame. Freedom’s new NXT is truly the “Generation Next” in folding tilt-in-space design. The NXT provides plenty of additional adjustability: Three fasteners adjust seat frame width 2" in most sizes. Two fasteners adjust seat depth another 4" in each size. Two fasteners adjust back angle from 80° to 120°.

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Bodypoint, Inc.

Bodypoint Ankle Huggers

Bodypoint Ankle Huggers

From shoulders to toes, Bodypoint provides pediatric users with industry-leading seating and positioning products. In addition to award-winning belts and harnesses, Bodypoint offers Ankle Huggers for securely positioning the legs and feet. Featuring a low-profile design, flexible materials, easy-to-operate ErgoLatch buckle, and hook-and-loop adjustments, Ankle Huggers offer a secure and comfortable fit for pediatric users. Sizes range from XS (14-17 cm or 5½ -6¾") to XL (26½ -33 cm or 10½ -13").

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Ki Mobility

Little Wave Arc

Little Wave Arc

The Little Wave Arc is built to be the best solution for kids who have complex mobility needs and require a tilt-in-space chair. Its patent-pending Arc Tilt System results in effortless repositioning with a shorter, more maneuverable wheelbase. Arc is the lightest pediatric folding tilt-in-space wheelchair available. Its intuitive, easy-to-fold design and compact wheelbase make it easy to take along on family adventures. Ki has built in plenty of growth and offers unique programs for growing kids. Cool colors and style options make each Arc as unique as the child riding it.

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Healthwares Manufacturing Corp.

Positioning Belts

Positioning Belts

With a 1" width and 48" length, these belts are perfectly sized for pediatric clients and are available in a Two-Piece Auto Style, with or without sewn-on pads, and a Double Adjustable Two-Piece Auto Style with pads. Belts are made of long-lasting, wear-resistant, premium black polypropylene webbing with reinforced stitching. A positive-action, spring-loaded buckle provides quick release. Tri-glides for adjusting and chafe tabs for mounting are included. Pediatric belts can be used in conjunction with extra-small Comfort-Flex Chest Harnesses, available in neoprene and easy clean vinyl-clad, for additional positioning and stability.

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Symmetric Designs

Savant Headrest

Savant Positioning

Savant Custom Moldable Gel Head Positioning — in Adult, Small, and Pediatric sizes — is easy to shape and fit for infants, children or anyone needing full head support. Soft, silicone gel-filled pads can be positioned exactly where needed. The breathable, quick-release forehead strap offers anterior support. The standard Savant has six arms of gel support, but custom configurations are available. Temporal arm length can be extended with additional gel pads. A new Carbon Cover, with durable, low-shear material, reduces friction from head movement and can be easily wiped with cleaning solution or disinfectant.

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Circle Specialty

Ziggo Pro

Ziggo Pro

Designed to provide positioning and stability, as well as independence, the Ziggo Pro Pediatric line offers reclining wheelchairs in a variety of seat widths and bright colors. The dual-axle chair is compact, easy to store, and reclines up to 180º. Combining safety and comfort, the wheelchair features a full back and neck support, anti-tippers, back stabilizer bar, quick-release wheels and elevating legrests. This allows the child to enjoy the gift of easier, safer and more comfortable movement, indoors and outdoors.

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CG Air

CG Air

CG Air meets the challenging requirements of infection control and sterilization protocols. Manufactured with non-permeable, fire/flame-retardant (CAL117-2013), non-allergenic, anti-fungal medical-grade PVC, and using high-frequency welds, the CG Air is easy to clean and resists odor retention. The unique shape of the cells provides tremendous stability for an air cushion without sacrificing pressure reduction or comfort.

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In Support of Upper-Extremity Positioning

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