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Stealth Products

Glacial SP

Glacial SP

The Stealth Products Glacial SP is a skin protection cushion with a contoured, high-density molded foam base. It features a soft gel top layer for skin protection. The cushion’s contour provides coccyx and sacral relief. The cushion’s cover is standard patented Coolcore technology with optional mesh and Stealth Tek covers available. The Glacial SP is available in widths from 10" to 24" and depths from 10" to 24".

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Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.

Gal Pro Elite

Gel Pro Elite

A high-density foam shell surrounds a uniquely styled gel bladder to form a comfortable gel cushion unsurpassed in pressure redistribution. The Gel Pro Elite’s segmented gel bladder contains an aqueous, highly viscous gel for immersion and envelopment around bony prominences. Gel-Pro gel cushions help to stabilize and reduce the “rocking” motion found in other types of gel cushions. Available in 16", 17", 18", 20" 22" and 24" sizes.

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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

JAY Fusion

JAY Fusion

The JAY Fusion is an adjustable wheelchair cushion with skin protection features, including a JAY Flow Fluid insert in a package that’s comfortable, stable and supportive. Its contoured base is constructed from closed cell foam, providing positioning of the pelvis and thighs. Additional positioning is provided by a soft, dense foam top layer that assists in supporting comfort and helps increase sitting tolerance.

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Amylior Inc.

CG Air

CG Air

The CG Air combines features needed for optimal pressure relief, while providing unmatched stability and durability. Innovative air channels allow more air to move beneath the user in a smoother, more controlled flow to stimulate blood circulation. Medical-grade PVC and processes such as patented High Frequency Welding and injection molding make the CG Air durable, while cells retain their shape for stability without splaying.

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ContourU 4U

ContourU 4U

PinDot ContourU 4U custom-molded cushions and backs are seating solutions made easy with four standard configuration models that cover the most popular and most-often-chosen options by PinDot customers. To order, just provide one of the four new model numbers, molded shape and cushion width. One price covers included options. PDAC approval allows you to submit one price for configured product reimbursement.

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Therapists recommend the Reflex for clients who are at moderate risk of skin breakdown. Therapists value the Reflex because the set amount of immersion conforms to the client’s body, providing comfort and added stability. Reflex is ideal for nursing homes, hospitals and other clinical environments where an effective, low-maintenance skin protection wheelchair cushion is required. Users and caregivers appreciate Reflex’s ease of use.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare



Designed to redistribute pressure to assist in the prevention of pressure injuries, the Gel-U-Seat cushion incorporates high-density foam encapsulating a dual-chamber gel bladder for patient comfort. A water-resistant, low-shear stretch nylon cover with tie straps secures the cushion to the wheelchair. Sizes range from 16x16" to 24x18"; all sizes of this cushion are 3" in height.

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Contour Products



Contour Products’ “three in one” Kabooti donut seat cushion is designed to provide relief from long hours of sitting, as well as other conditions such as hemorrhoids, tailbone injuries, pregnancy relief/post-natal recovery, and post-surgery recoveries. Kabooti’s design includes a generous coccyx cutout and seating wedge shape. The cushion includes a removable, washable, two-way-stretch cover.

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Ride Designs



The new Custom AccuSoft is ideal for users looking for an accurately fit custom seating solution with a softer, more forgiving sitting surface. This cushion is made specifically to match each individual’s unique shape. Choose from two foams: soft or extra soft. Ride CAM Wedges can be used to adjust cushion contours to accommodate weight change, tissue atrophy, and postural changes. The E2609 cushion can be built to virtually any size.

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Alex Orthopedic

3 inch cushion

3" Cushion

This E2603-coded wheelchair cushion is 16x18x3". It is made of durable polyurethane foam with a gel insert. Its construction method provides the comfort and stability of foam, with the additional pressure relief and cooling properties of gel. The cover is a moisture-proof nylon fabric with skin protection, and a moisture-wicking ability to keep consumers’ skin dry and comfortable for extended periods of sitting.

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