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Bodypoint, Inc.

Ankle Huggers

Ankle Huggers

Bodypoint’s newly redesigned ankle huggers feature a low-profile ErgoLatch buckle, plus easy hook-and-loop adjustment to provide the right fit every time. New pad material increases stability and comfort by allowing variable zones of flex. Softer, wrinkle-free Cordura fabric and proprietary Bodypoint edge binding eliminate wrinkles to preserve skin integrity and comfort, increase abrasion resistance and meet new ISO standards for biocompatibility and flammability. Ankle huggers are available in sizes to fit pediatric to adult clients, to reduce joint stress by holding above the ankle to improve comfort and positioning tolerance.

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Quantum Rehab

iLevel Power Chairs

iLevel Power Chairs

Now, clients can drive up to 4.5 mph with their seat fully elevated up to 12". This new capability is available for iLevel systems on Quantum’s new Q6 Edge 3, and the chair maintains its enhanced safety thanks to iLevel’s patented Extra Stability Technology. iLevel has a 300-lb. weight capacity on the Q6 Edge 3, Edge 2.0, Edge 2.0 X and Edge Z. A 400-lb. capacity is available on the Q6 Edge HD. iLevel-equipped chairs are available in up to 24 color options, feature front and rear LED fender lights, and come standard with Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls with Bluetooth.

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Ki Mobility

Squiggles Stander

Squiggles Stander

The versatile three-in-one Squiggles Stander is designed to enable clinicians to maximize postural requirements through pelvic stability, trunk and head alignment for kids ages 1 through 5. Leg and foot positioning is also provided for standing therapy. The stander offers prone, upright and supine standing for kids 29.5" to 43.3" tall, weighing up to 48.4 lbs. The Squiggles Stander is available in green, orange, blue and pink — bright colors that appeal to children and their families.

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Clarke Health Care Products Inc.

Zitzi Starfish Pro

Zitzi Starfish Pro

This adjustable shower and commode chair is designed to fit today and grow for tomorrow. The stainless steel Starfish comes in three sizes and chassis models, and with manual adjust, hydraulic, and power-assist height adjustment with tilt-and-recline back. Created to fit clients from childhood to young adulthood, the Starfish features adjustable height and width of seat and back post to accommodate growth. The chair rises to help caregivers, to match the height of a toilet, or to assist with transfers. An open back and seat design allow easy access for bathing and hygiene.

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Power Standing

Power Standing

Amysystems is well known for its powered seating. But the manufacturer’s custom power positioning capabilities for power chairs includes a standing option. Contact your Amylior representative for more information on power positioning options and power base compatibility. Amylior’s own power wheelchair, the AllTrack series, offers mid- and rear-wheel-drive configurations, as well as a heavy-duty option and a pediatric option. Check out Amylior’s new Web site that now houses all the manufacturer’s brands, including newly acquired and launched CG Air cushions.

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Sunrise Medical

JAY Fusion

JAY Fusion

The adjustable Fusion features a JAY Flow Fluid insert in a cushion that’s comfortable, stable and supportive. The contoured base is constructed from closed-cell foam, providing positioning of the pelvis and thighs, and reducing fluid migration in the insert. The Flow Fluid allows for deep pelvic immersion to distribute pressure and help prevent skin breakdown. Add the Flow Fluid insert to soft, dense foam, and you get a cushion that conforms to each user’s shape, adjusts to sitting positions and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences. A water-resistant inner cover helps prevent bacterial growth.

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare

Titanium Cushion

Titanium Gel/Foam

The Drive Medical Titanium Skin Protection and Positioning Gel/Foam cushion is designed to offer superior pressure redistribution via a combination of resilient, high-density foam and a dual-chamber gel bladder. Together, these media are designed to encourage proper posture through immersion into the cushion. A middle contour assists with positioning as a built-in leg abductor. The low-shear, fluid-resistant cover helps to maintain skin health, while the non-skid bottom offers added stability and safety. The cushion is HCPCS coded E2611/E2612.

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Raz Design



This compact, tilting rehab shower commode chair was specifically designed for growing children and smaller adults. The Raz-CAT’s adjustability and modularity make it ideal to fit kids and teens through childhood and beyond. An 18" wide seat frame and base allow the Raz-CAT to roll over most toilets. Adjustable height enables the unit to clear toilet bowls and provides easier hygiene access by the caregiver. Backs are available in 14", 16" and 18" widths and in 15" or 18" heights. Seat depth adjusts from 11" to 16" with the standard Raz-CAT seat. Tilt capacities up to 40° reduce pressure and provide optimal trunk positioning. With a frame that’s 3" shorter than the Raz-AT, the CAT (Compact Attendant Tilt) is more maneuverable than larger hygiene units, but still is compatible with Raz accessories and custom seats.

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Stealth Products, Inc.

TruComfort 2 with CoolCore

TruComfort 2 with CoolCore

Stealth’s new line of cushions features patented, exclusive CoolCore Technology covers — chemical-free, four-way stretch material that offers moisture-wicking, moisture transportation and moisture evaporation properties. A color guide identifies the suggested HCPCS code and function family, identified with a color-coded PVC patch on each cushion. Other features include contoured, high-density foam bases; lateral and pre-ischial shelf contours; and a range of standard width and depth offerings.

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Dynamic Systems Inc.

SunMate Orthopedic


SunMate cushions combine high-impact energy absorption with soft pressure properties. Its slow spring-back enables it to contour to the user’s body, then slowly return to its original shape once pressure is removed. An open-cell structure maximizes airflow to reduce heat build-up, and viscoelastic properties allow the cushion to uniformly distribute pressure and absorb impact energy to alleviate sitting fatigue. Standard and custom sizes are available, as are wedges and contoured cushion shapes to meet the diverse needs of the wheelchair-using population.

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