October 2013

October 2013


Selling Consumer Power

Retail Mobility

Should You Sell Consumer Power?

Funding Cuts, Audits & Competitive Bidding: Is This Still a Profitable Product Segment?

By Laurie Watanabe


Editor's Note

The New Healthcare Retail Experience

By Laurie Watanabe

Ops Management

The Value of Power Backup Systems for Lift Products

By Graham Kawulka

Clinically Speaking

Choosing the Correct Specialty Control for Your Client

By Jay Doherty

Clinically Speaking

Push Wheelchairs: When Is a Stroller Not a Stroller?

By Elizabeth Harris


Provider POV

Consumer Power Has Definite Advantages, But It’s Not for the Faint of Heart


Medtrade 2013

A Sunshine State of Mind

Feeling the Funding Heat, the DME Industry Looks to Embrace New Solutions

By Laurie Watanabe

Mobility Management Podcast