April/May 2020 Mobility Management

Apr/May 2020


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ATP Series

The First Ultralight

So many new wheelchair users "hate" their first K0005. Can that be avoided?

By Laurie Watanabe

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ATP Series

Striking the Right Balance

Lifestyle, extremity function and prosthetic use are crucial in determining a limb loss client's needs. How do you address them all?

By Haley Samsel


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Editor's Note

What Will Come

By Laurie Watanabe


Rick Bower

How Complex Rehab Can Connect With Amputee Clients

By Haley Samsel

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ATP Series

First Ultralights: Dealing with Demos

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Educational Resources

Weight Distribution, Center of Gravity & Efficient Mobility

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When Your Client Doesn't Want to Collaborate

Seating Benefits Podcast with Ride Designs