Pressure Ulcer Research

Pressure Ulcer Research: A New Frontier

Apr 01, 2015

Past research on the causes of pressure ulcers in wheelchair users has focused primarily on pressure imposed on the skin — namely, where the skin meets a surface such as a wheelchair cushion or mattress. But how do the body's tissues respond to internal forces, including friction and loads of weight applied within a concentrated area? What causes tissues to be damaged internally, where injuries are more difficult to detect? And how can understanding deep tissue injuries impact cushion design and choice?

In this series of articles, now available for the first time as an all-inclusive pdf series, Mobility Management editor Laurie Watanabe talks to Amit Gefen, Ph.D., biomedical engineering professor at Tel Aviv University, whose research into deep tissue injuries among spinal cord injury patients involves an intriguing set of tools and new perspectives on an issue that continues to affect clients and rehab professionals alike.

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