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Inspire Me

Inspiration is a funny thing. you can sit at home and wait in vain for it all day, then it comes to you when you step outside for a minute to take out the trash.

Inspiration comes from all over, at any time. That's why one of my favorite features every year is our industry sound-off.

We conjure up a few "loaded" questions and print the industry's responses. This year we asked what the biggest wheelchair story of 2004 would be, what the wheelchair of the future would be like, and what consumers need most from their wheelchairs. Some answers were thoughtful, some hopeful, some just plain imaginative. We hope you'll read what your peers had to say, then share your own answers with us as well.

Inspiration also plays an important role in our second feature, about standard power chairs, scooters, and the seniors who choose between them. We also offer advice on how to inspire would-be customers to give mobility a try…something as simple as an invitingly turned seat can make the difference.

Speaking of inspiration and places to find it — Mobility Management has just launched a brand-new e-newsletter. It's called eMobility, and every month, it'll bring you in-depth news from throughout the mobility and rehab markets. eMobility's specialty is government affairs, and in that section you'll find the latest info on Medicare policies, funding issues, reimbursement, documentation and coding, along with grass-roots lobbying efforts you can join.

eMobility subscriptions are free to mobility and rehab professionals; to get every issue sent straight to your e-mailbox, send your name, company name and e-mail address to laurie@mobilitymgmt.com. We hope our latest venture will inform you and, yes, perhaps even inspire.

This article originally appeared in the May 2004 issue of Mobility Management.

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