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Faith, biblical scholars say, is belief nonetheless in something you cannot see. Furthermore, it is going forward and acting as if you do believe it, as if you already see it.

Our July-August issue is a leap of faith.

The goal was to gather case studies from mobility dealers, rehab professionals and manufacturers — unusual cases, tough cases, ones that required creativity, tenacity and faith in your clients, your team, your industry. If all went well, this issue would be an intriguing read today, as well as a resource for tomorrow, or whenever a particularly mind-boggling, migraine-inducing case comes your way.

It sounded great when we came up with the idea last year. But when the time came to actually step out in faith, let's just say we had literal nightmares and cold sweats. What if we threw a Case Study issue, and no one cared?

But it was too late to turn back, so we closed our eyes and leaped. We called manufacturers and asked for the names of dealers who'd solved some real challenges lately. Those manufacturers couldn't wait to share success stories.

Then, we contacted dealers. We explained the case study issue's goals and asked if we could send out "case study kits" that walked dealers through the information gathering process. We asked for photos. We asked them to get client and customer permission. We asked them to somehow fit this volunteer work into their packed schedules. And all we had to offer in return were our thanks and a bag of M&M's (if you've been to the MM booth during the last few Medtrades, you know that's our favorite candy).

And we asked manufacturers to get involved by telling us about case studies they'd helped with. We didn't even offer them candy.

Then we waited to see if anyone would respond.

The issue you're reading is proof that when we leaped, the industry caught us. We're proud to bring you Mobility Management's first-ever Case Study Special, brought to you by manufacturers and readers who so generously answered the call.

Enjoy. And if you have your own amazing story to share — we're a phone call or e-mail away. It's never too early to start planning next year's great idea!

This article originally appeared in the July 2004 issue of Mobility Management.

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