Upwardly Mobile

Happy Trails

Not long ago, Stephanie Scherer, better known in these pages as Mobility Management's associate editor, said to me, "I've always wanted to go to Austin."

This was not unusual. In addition to prodigious writing and editing talents, Stephanie has a Fodors-like enthusiasm for exploring, whether in a national park or a teeming metropolis. "How do you feel about Vancouver?" I had asked when planning for the International Seating Symposium last winter.

"I've always wanted to go to Vancouver," Steph said.

"There's an event in D.C.," I said.

"I would love to go to Washington," she replied.

"How about Atlanta?"

"I love Atlanta."

So how was I to know she would go to Austin and not come back?

At the end of July, Stephanie married Justin McFarland, a recent engineering graduate, in Yosemite National Park. A few weeks later, they headed east so Steph can pursue a master's degree in Information from the University of Texas, Austin. It's a great fit for her — she'll be using her love for research to help businesses, schools and media organizations to archive their histories. With Steph in charge, I think history is in safe hands.

But as Steph settles into her new neighborhood, her old neighbors are missing her. Steph's been with MM from the very start. When I think of her contributions, the old proverb comes to mind, except that given the size of our staff; Stephanie has been both my right and left hands. Losing her work ethic, talent and wicked humor is no small thing. As art director Dave Druse so succinctly asked me when he heard the news: "How could you let this happen?!?"

But this is the time of year for change, with manufacturers readying for that intimate gathering called Medtrade (see page 23) and our nation preparing for elections that could have significant impact on mobility and rehab legislation. So we're moving on, but before we go, I want to recognize Stephanie's efforts. If you've read anything intriguing or helpful in these pages, she had a hand in it. Thanks, Steph. Have a good life.

This article originally appeared in the September 2004 issue of Mobility Management.

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