Upwardly Mobile

Imagine That!

There are two kinds of editors: those who can't wait to take their new laptop computer out of the box and set it up themselves, and those who call their sisters and ask them to do it.

Guess which kind I am.

While it is with great excitement that I talk about our new Web site, www.mobilitymgmt.com, I also admit the notion of our magazine in cyberspace is quite mysterious to me. I don't know what html is, or why putting little brackets around words and clicking on a button propels them onto our Web site. I don't understand how you can then click onto the story in our News section and start reading something that I was typing just a minute ago.

But you can. Which means that when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announces a major policy change the day our magazine goes to press, I don't have to burst into tears. Or wait a whole month to tell you about it. I just post the story to mobilitymgmt.com. Less waiting time for you, less despair for me.

Mobilitymgmt.com is also our library of past features, news stories and new products. Looking for a lift chair that you just saw in the magazine, but can't remember which issue? Search the Lift Chairs section on mobilitygmgmt.com. Same for power chairs, strollers, van conversions, cushions, ultralight chairs, door openers, headrests... you name it.

You can request product information to be sent to you. You can even do a little housekeeping, such as changing your address or subscribing to our eMobility newsletter. Good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, Medtrade Spring is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center starting April 5. Associate editor Lisa Labosky has compiled the mobility and rehab seminars into an easy-to-use guide (page 22). She's also giving you a sneak peek at what mobility and rehab manufacturers will be showing off in their booths. MM is in booth 1463; we're also once again sponsoring the rehab/assistive technology track of AAHomecare's Continuum of Care series April 5.

See you in cyberspace — and Vegas!

This article originally appeared in the April 2005 issue of Mobility Management.

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