Ford: Women Are Choosier Consumers

While men focus on basics such as quality, reliability, safety, design and fuel economy when choosing which car to purchase, women have longer, more complex lists of the features they want their new cars to have, says the latest newsletter from Ford Motor Company.

In trying to understand the purchasing differences between women and men, Ford quotes Marti Barletta of the TrendSight Group, a Chicago-based consulting and training firm that focuses on "tapping into the buying power of women." Barletta says, "Men quickly figure out what they want and buy it, while women have longer lists... Does that SUV have a backup beeper and grocery-bag holders? Does the minivan come with remote-control doors? Does the rear-view mirror also let me glance into the backseat?"

Mobility dealers, take note: Understanding the differences between how men and women shop is critical to sales success, Ford says, because women now buy 62 percent of new automotive vehicles.

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