TiLite Introduces TX Chair

The newest member of the TiLite family is the TX, a folding manual chair with "a radical new cross-brace design," according to TiLite's Josh Anderson. "When combined with a welded one-piece side frame," Anderson says, "(the cross-brace design) will give folding-chair users better energy transfer for more efficient propulsion."

Anderson calls the all-new TX a lighter system that folds into a narrower space (thanks to an over-center-mounted cross brace) while still providing "the TiLite legendary, super-smooth ride." The chair's features include an adjustable center of gravity; in-board-mounted seat sling and lock-in handles to provide a ride closer to that of a rigid chair; 70-, 80- and 85-degree tapered or non-tapered front frame angles; seat widths from 12" to 20"; and seat depths from 14" to 20". For more information on the TX, go to www.tilite.com.

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