TiLite 2006 Consumer Tour in Full Swing

The 2006 Ti Tour, highlighting TiLite's ultralightweight manual chairs via a mobile showroom, is underway.

The traveling showroom, overseen by tour manager Chad Huhn, offers consumers, therapists and suppliers the chance to conduct wheelchair test drives, pick up product literature, see new technology and chat with local TiLite reps. Says VP of Sales Marty Ball, "The Ti Tour will once again function as a minor repair station for end-users and demo chairs."

The Ti Tour will be heading in upcoming weeks to Tennessee (May 1-5), Arkansas (May 8-9), Oklahoma (May 11-12), Oregon (May 22-26), Northern California (June 4-9) and Southern California (June 13-14). For more specific information on where the showroom be stopping, contact TiLite at (800) 545-2266.

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