VGM Forbin Introduces Web-Based Follow-Up System

VGM Forbin, the Internet division of the VGM Group, has created a new Web-based system that will enable HME suppliers to follow up with clients in a time- and cost-effective manner.

The new system, called VGM Pro, helps suppliers to contact clients, track reports and client information, stay current with client compliance and insurance reauthorization and quickly identify and correct potential equipment problems. In addition, because suppliers pay a monthly fee based on the number of clients they have in the system and can cancel their participation at any time, VGM Forbin's Joel Valenti calls VGM Pro "a low-cost, no-risk way to set up an effective follow-up process. VGM Pro uses Web-based, HIPAA-compliant online software, allowing increased and consistent patient follow-up, which will in turn drive revenue while providing high standards of customer service."

For more information on VGM Pro, go to The system will also be demonstrated at VGM's upcoming Heartland Conference at its Waterloo, Iowa, headquarters starting Monday, June 12.

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