Therapists' Jobs Among the Best?


According to a recent Money Magazine report, physical and occupational assistants have among the best jobs in the country.

In its "Best Jobs in America" report, Money ranked physical therapists at number 12 and occupational therapists at number 32 among the top 50 professions in the United States. Money and compiled a list of careers expected to "grow at an above-average rate over 10 years and that require at least a bachelor's degree." To be considered for the list, jobs also had to offer average salaries above the $50,000 mark, employ more than 15,000 nationwide, provide relatively safe work environments and offer more than 800 annual job openings.

The remaining careers were rated for stress levels, flexible working hours and work environment, creativity factors and possibility for advancement.

PTs can expect to see 10-year job growth of 36.74 percent, Money says. The magazine estimates 33.61-percent growth over 10 years for OTs. In addition, "OT assistant" was listed as the ninth fastest-growing profession. Sorry, "HME mobility dealer" and "rehab technology supplier" didn't make Money's list.

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