AAHomecare Suggests Activities for National Home Care Month

November is National Home Care Month, and the American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) suggests that industry members can mark the occasion by making lawmakers, local media and the public at large more aware of the benefits of home care.

Among AAHomecare's suggestions, as noted on its Web site, are the following:

  • Meet with your U.S. Senator and/or Representatives in the district.
  • Attend one of their town hall meetings and raise the issue of the value of home care.
  • Plan an open house to encourage your elected officials and families in your community to learn about the value of home care.
  • Write a letter to the editor (of a local, regional or national newspaper or magazine).
  • Issue a press release (to editors).
  • Urge your legislature, city council, etc., to issue a resolution in appreciation of home care.

AAHomecare's Web site offers tips and tools to help providers succeed at the projects listed above. Cost-effectiveness studies posted on the site, for instance, explain how home care actually helps to save Medicare and Medicaid dollars in numerous medical scenarios.

Go to www.aahomecare.org, click on News Room, then click on the "November is Home Care Month" link for a list of industry-related activities you and your team can start planning today to accomplish next month.

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