Bariatrics 101: Invacare Offers "One Stop Shop" Starter Kit

Wondering whether to venture into or expand your business' presence in the bariatric mobility market — but unsure about profitability or how to reach out to referral sources? Invacare's Bariatric Starter Kit includes a catalog of bariatric product offerings, conveniently color coded to indicate product weight capacities.

There's also information on two "starter kits," featuring commodes, walkers, canes, shower chairs, transport wheelchairs, rollators and other pre-selected bariatric products. Ordering either kit will earn you discounts on the participating products. To help you get the word out, the kit includes advice on how to target valuable bariatric referral sources, such as home health agencies and primary care physicians. There's even information on how to host your own bariatric conference, featuring Dr. Kevin Huffman, a bariatric physician.

To help you keep track of bariatric product reimbursement rates, the starter kit includes a laminated HCPCS coding poster with current funding rates for Invacare bariatric products and the number of months required for an average dealer to break even.

Think the bariatric market might be a good fit? Ask your Invacare rep for a starter kit, or for more details, go to, a Web site devoted specifically to bariatric products and issues.

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