U.S. Rehab Offers Home Modification Credential

Yes, the rehab industry is already full of acronyms and abbreviations — thanks to its close affiliation with Medicare — but here's one worth remembering. It's CEAC: Certified Environmental Access Consultants.

And U.S. Rehab is offering a credential in it.

The environmental access credential addresses "the process of adapting the workplace, residence and/or general environment to promote the independence and functional ability of physically challenged and aging individuals," U.S. Rehab says. The CEAC credential could be appropriate for a number of job titles, including rehab counselors, rehab engineers, architects, assistive technology specialists, occupational therapists, gerontologists and interior designers.

The goal of the credentialing program, U.S. Rehab says, is to "reduce the disparity in training and practice found among professionals who evaluate the environmental access needs of the elderly and physically challenged, as well as to promote independence and empowerment among the disabled and elderly. The credential was launched to answer the distinct need for formal education, validation and credibility in this rapidly exploding field."

The credential is recognized by all-important payors, including claims adjusters, case managers, federal/state social service directors and health-care professionals.

To receive more information about U.S. Rehab's CEAC program, contact Amanda Vanous at (800) 987-7342, or e-mail amanda.vanous@vgm.com.

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