Nissin Plans to Introduce Monoski to American Market

If you stopped by Nissin Wheelchairs' booth at Medtrade or the Abilities Expo last year, you probably noticed a monoski on display that was used at the 2006 Torino Paralympic Games.

Soon, you could be seeing that monoski in many more places, including your own offices.

That's because the Japanese manufacturer is planning to introduce the ski chair to the American market, according to President/CEO Takahiro "Harry" Haruyama. Nissin launched its American division, now headquartered in Southern California, in mid 2005.

"Currently, skiers are buying (ski chairs) from Europe," Haruyama said, in explaining why Nissin decided to add its monoski to the list of products it would seek to sell in the United States. He added that Nissin didn't immediately think about introducing the monoski, but decided to make the move because "none of the major companies in the U.S. sell ski chairs."

Take a look at Nissin's monoski — along with an extensive line of other wheelchairs, ranging from rehab to pediatric to travel/transport — at

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