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National confidence is a tricky thing to predict, but following November's mid-term elections that changed the balance of power in Congress, consumers were definitely feeling upbeat, according to November's RBC CASH (Consumer Attitudes & Spending by Household) Index. November's poll numbers (the latest ones available before MM went to press) showed a rise to 92.4 from 83.1 in October. That's a rebound from September's 93.7 mark.

Couple consumer confidence with oft-quoted senior baby boomer statistics, and it's easy to see why devoting more attention to cash sales could pay off in the coming year.

But to maximize your retailing power, you'll have to meet the expectations of consumers, who are accustomed to the high-powered marketing and display efforts of professionally designed shopping malls? not to mention the Starbucks on every corner.

In 2007, MM will bring you how-to stories about real-life marketing improvements that even the smallest mobility or rehab providers can make. Our tips and expert advice will focus on feasibility — no PR professional required!

At a time when mobility and rehab providers are feeling the Medicare and Medicaid pinch, cash sales can add critical revenue streams. Retail is revving up: Be ready to capitalize on consumers' willingness to reach for their wallets.

Mobility/Rehab Impact: Scooters, consumer power chairs, ADLs, lightweight transport/travel chairs, "second" chairs, urological supplies, caregiver aids.

This article originally appeared in the January 2007 issue of Mobility Management.

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