Invacare Closes Kshall Division in North America

Invacare Corp. will consolidate its custom manual product offering into one business by closing the K�schall portion of its North American business. K�schall operations in Europe will continue unaffected.

"The success of the Invacare ProSPIN X4 and Crossfire T6 custom manual wheelchairs allows Invacare to reduce the complexity of its custom manual wheelchair line by taking a formulary product approach in North America," says Brian Ellacott, group VP, Helixx Group. "Both the ProSPIN X4 and Crossfire T6 are manufactured in the United States, so customers will benefit from shorter lead times. That makes these products more cost-effective for North American customers, which gives them a competitive advantage in this new reimbursement environment."

Invacare stopped accepting new orders for K�shall wheelchairs at the end of December 2006, and all quotes up to that point will be honored through Feb. 28, 2007. K�schall parts will continue to be available by calling customer service at (800) 331-8551. K�schall's specialized custom manual wheelchairs will continue to be available through K�schall Europe. In addition, Invacare is exploring distribution through specialty distributors in North America.

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