Nor-Cal Vans Instrumental in Release of Ford E-150 Mobility Conversion

Nor-Cal Vans, Inc., in conjunction with the Mobility Alliance, recently engineered a 6-inch lowered-floor conversion for the 2007 Ford E-150 that was successfully crash-tested at the MGA Proving Grounds and Crash Test Center in Burlington, Wis.

As a result of the successful testing, the mobility converted 2007 E-150s are available from Nor-Cal Vans.

Ford Motor Co.'s 2007 E-150 van is equipped with changes to the suspension system and vehicle frame, resulting in two notable differences from earlier year models: an improved ride quality and a higher gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Because of these structural changes, the 2007 Ford E-150 is now a candidate for most mobility conversions.

In 2003, Ford's Special Vehicle Engineering Department requested that mobility conversion companies not utilize the Ford E-150 wagon for lowered floor or structural chassis modifications because of its limited weight-carrying capacity.

To help meet customer demand for an accessible E-150, a Mobility Alliance was formed from a group of mobility conversion manufacturers with Ford Truck Quality Program (FTQP) certifications and membership in the National Mobility Equipment Dealers' Association (NMEDA). The Mobility Alliance's mission was to engineer, build and test to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) a lowered-floor conversion for the 2007 Ford E-150.

Ford E-350 No Longer Available for Full Conversion

The 2007 Ford E-350 SD 5.4 liter gasoline engine regular-length wagon is now equipped with a standard Roll Stability Control (RSC) module.

The module, located under the front row passenger side seat, is part of an electronic stability enhancement system. This system contains a gyroscopic sensor that monitor's the vehicle's roll motion approximately 150 times per second. If the RSC detects the possibility of a roll over, it automatically engages the vehicle's subsystems in varying combinations to help stabilize the vehicle. The module is automatically enabled every time the vehicle is started. Ford states that relocation of the module is not recommended.

Because of this recommendation, and to maintain FMVSS compliance, Nor-Cal Vans is no longer able to provide a full lowered-floor conversion on the 2007 Ford E-350 XLT Clubwagon, but will continue to provide a mid-section lowered floor on the vehicle.

Ford E-250 Features Improved Weight-Carrying Capacity

Also new in 2007 is the improved weight-carrying capacity for the Ford E-250 RV Converter. The GVWR has been raised by 400 lbs., up from 8,600 lbs. to 9,000 lbs. Also, Ford has removed Tundra Green from the 2007 color line-up, but has introduced Forest Green and Pueblo Gold to the exterior color palette.

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