MED Group's ATS Seminars Proving Popular

The MED Group's Assistive Technology Supplier (ATS) training seminars are proving to be very popular among rehab providers seeking to prepare for the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) exam.

MED's Guided ATS Training was spurred by the upcoming April 2008 Medicare requirement that Group 2 single power or multiple power option power chairs, along with Group 3 and Group 4 power chairs and power-assist devices, be provided only by businesses that employ RESNA-certified ATS's.

The MED Group's training series combines online course materials with an e-conference facilitated by MED's Dr. Gary Schwantz. Cody Verrett of Pride Mobility Products/Quantum Rehab also helps out by advising series participants.

The first training series began last month, and another series due to begin in July already has a waiting list. For more information on this seminar series and additional MED Group educational opportunities, go to

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