Education: Providers Seek Accreditation, Competitive Bidding, Medicare Advice

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) competitive bidding final rule is out, and to participate, suppliers will need to become accredited. Simultaneously, suppliers are still adjusting to CMS' new power mobility device coverage criteria, coding and fee schedules. With all this new information to understand and incorporate into your business, education should be one of your top priorities at this year's Medtrade Spring. Here are some educational sessions to check out in Vegas - check at the convention center to confirm times and dates, and for session locations.

Tuesday, April 24

1:30-2:30 p.m.

You Can Lead a Provider to the Manual, but You Cannot Make Them Read It

Jane Bunch, VP HME Consultation, CareCentric

This session will cover basic Medicare and private insurance criteria as well as cover recent Medicare updates. Providers will better understand how to ensure they are in compliance and implement the changes into their daily operations.

Accreditation Choices - Which Organization is Right for Your Company?

Susean Nichols, president, Millennium Management Services

Get a comparative view of viable accreditation options for HME companies. This session will discuss the process and associated costs to consider when choosing an accrediting organization.

2:45-3:45 p.m.

PMDs...Where Are We Now? Do You Really Understand the Coverage Criteria?

Claudia Amortegui, president, The Orion Group

This session reviews the latest news regarding power mobility device (PMD) codes. Step one started in October 2005; where are we in step two? We will discuss the second set of revised codes and revised testing parameters, as well as review the coverage criteria for PMD policy.

Accreditation Success: It Can Be Done!

Wayne Link, President, Link Consulting Group, Inc.

The purpose of this talk is to give a simple outline of the basic steps for an organized and manageable approach to prepare for the accreditation preparation process. Also, this session will point out the most common trouble spots and give practical solutions and an applicable time line.

Wednesday, April 25

8:30-9:30 a.m.

It's 2007! Mandatory Accreditation is Here! Are You Prepared?

Mary Ellen Conway, president, Capital Healthcare Group

Are you in one of the first 10 MSAs? Were you in the "Top 25"? Are you next in line? What do CMS's quality standards require? Who are the accrediting organizations that Medicare has approved? How long does it take to become accredited? This program gives attendees an up-to-the-minute review of the latest information from CMS and a clear, unbiased view of their accreditation options and the work involved. Start your own "to-do" list for your organization and get going!

9:45-10:45 a.m.

Rehab - The Changing Medicare System

Cara Bachenheimer, VP of government relations, Invacare Corp.

Michael Babinec, product manager, Invacare Corp.

The rehab industry has undergone tremendous changes since CMS initiated its three-prong initiative in 2004. In this session you will learn the latest about recent and upcoming changes in the National and Regional Medicare Coverage Policies, changes to HCPCS codes for rehab products, documentation rules and the payment of rehab items. Get the latest information about everything a rehab provider must know to survive as we enter the new dimension of competitive bidding. In this session, we'll also cover recent updates on competitive bidding, and how it will impact the rehab market.

Thursday, April 26

8:30-9:30 a.m.

Power Documentation: What Works?

Peggy Walker, Billing & Reimbursement Advisor, U.S. Rehab

Suppliers who deal with referral sources and try to gather information up front to make sure they get paid and stay paid will benefit from attending this session. Learn first-hand tips for getting your physicians and referral sources up to date on what is needed and how they can get paid for what they do. PTs/OTs need to understand that they can get what the patient needs if they give the proper documentation to the supplier up front. Too much documentation can hurt more than too little.

Power Mobility Device Industry Updates

Dan Meuser, president, Pride USA, Pride Mobility Products Corp.

This presentation will provide attendees with an overview of the changes to the CMS policies for power mobility devices including coverage, coding and reimbursement. Information to be discussed includes strategies for maintaining success under the new PMD system, including compliance and developing strong clinical partnerships with referral sources.

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