Medrade Re/hab & Assistive Technology Round Up

Booth #928
ROHO Adaptor
Freedom Designs offers ROHO Adaptor surface cushion inserts for padded seating and positioning products. The cushion targets those who need protection from tissue trauma in any area where tissue comes in contact with a support surface. The Air Spring design absorbs shock and impact as it protects the user from shear and friction.
Freedom Designs
(800) 331-8551

Booth #326
Uplift Technologies
UPEASY Power Seat
The UPEASY Power Seat from Uplift Technologies is an electric-powered cushion that lifts users up from an armchair or sofa. The portable device operates at the flick of a power lever and lifts users weighing up to 300 lbs.
Uplift Technologies Inc.
(800) 387-0896

Booth #721
The Invacare TDX SP features built-in technologies such as a true center-wheel drive, enhanced SureStep, traction control design, quiet stability lock, MK6i electronics and powerful four-pole motors. The TDX SP for Formula CG powered seating is available with powered tilt, recline, elevating seat, and tilt/recline combination.
Invacare Corp.
(800) 333-6900

Booth #1428
Harmar Mobility
Hitch Mounted Ramp
The Harmar Hitch Mounted Ramp eliminates the heavy lifting and storage space needed for standard portable ramps. The universal design is compatible with all lift-gate equipped vehicles and easily connects to a Class I, II or III trailer hitch with no drilling. Requiring only 15 lbs. of force to operate and offering a 700-lb. capacity, the ramp unfolds in seconds with minimal effort. The unique non-skid metal surface is designed for wet and dry grip and offers improved traction and reduced wear.
Harmar Mobility
(800) 833-0478

Booth #1141
Bruno Independent Living Aids
Turny Orbit
The Turny Orbit by Bruno Independent Living Aids targets individuals who have difficulty entering and exiting minivans, full-size pickup trucks, SUVs and vans. With the touch of a button, the convenient, fully powered seat rotates and moves outside and down to the most comfortable position for stepping in/out of the vehicle.
Bruno Independent Living Aids (262) 567-4990

Booth #1715
The ROHO Group
LTV Seat Cushion
The LTV seat cushion by The ROHO Group features Dry Floatation technology to promote healthy circulation and reduce numbness and pain associated with sitting for extended periods of time. Dry Floatation technology is a series of individual, interconnected air cells that allow air to slowly transfer from chamber to chamber, evenly distributing body weight pressure. This technology enhances blood flow to the buttocks and legs, eliminating pressure points that lead to discomfort.
The ROHO Group Inc.
(888) 551-3449

Rubber Threshold Ramp
Designed for doorways and raised landings, the EZ-ACCESS Rubber Threshold ramp with beveled sides can be used by itself or combining two to make entry or exit convenient and safe. The ramp simply sits against the doorsill to provide a smooth ground-to-sill transition and is especially practical for sliding glass doors because it does not interfere with the door track. The 2½" height can be trimmed for lower heights and narrower widths to fit any entrance or threshold.
(800) 451-1903

Booth #415
C300 Corpus
The C300 Corpus features a super-low seat-to-floor height of 17.5?, 45 degrees of tilt and increased ground clearance. The modular design features an ergonomic back with built-in, adjustable lumbar and trunk supports and allows for growth and added seat functions. The product uses powerful, quiet four-pole motors, allows for front and rear battery access and includes an adjustable suspension.
Permobil Inc.
(800) 736-0925

The Grillo from Innovation in Motion is designed with chest and pelvic supports to cradle a child like the arms of a parent during ambulation. A front-facing gait trainer easily folds for transport or storage. Supports are adjustable in height and width and the product is available in four sizes three with larger casters for outdoor use.
Innovation In Motion
(800) 327-0681

Booth #741
Using the adjustable hitch mount bracket, the EZ-ACCESS HITCHhiker ramp attaches to most vans and SUVs equipped with a rear hatch or side-hinged door and outfitted with a 1.25" or 2" hitch receiver. The ramp features a spring-assisted design that allows the ramp to unfold using minimal lifting strength. In the traveling position, the ramp securely folds and locks into a compact unit outside of the vehicle.
(800) 451-1903

Booth #250
The Camel
The Camel (Complete Air Moving Elevating Lift) from Mangar USA is designed to lift a person from the floor independently or with assistance. The lift, operated by low air pressure using the Airflo power source, is designed for bariatric users weighing up to 770 lbs. The lift is lightweight, simple to use and packs away into a compact and discrete bag.
Mangar USA

Booth #1620
Quantum Rehab's Q-Logic drive control system for power wheelchairs features a 2", full-color display screen that provides users with information such as driving speed, battery condition, odometer information and a real-time clock. In addition, Q-Logic is fully programmable for customization. The system will be available on all Quantum power chairs including the Q6 power chair series.
Quantum Rehab
(800) 800-8586

Booth #1620
Quantum Rehab
TRU-Balance 2
Quantum Rehab's TRU-Balance 2 power positioning system with TRU-Comfort seating delivers lower seat-to-floor heights, increased and simplified means of adjustment, and easy service access to electronics. The TRU-Comfort seating system provides comfort and pressure relief while maintaining a sporty design. The adjustable lumbar support and lateral bolsters allow client-specific customization for pressure management and positioning.
Quantum Rehab
(800) 800-8586

Booth #1815
The Meridian skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion from Varilite offers pressure distribution, positioning stability, comfort and simplicity. Two independently adjustable, air-foam flotation chambers create maximum pressure distribution and allow for independent positioning of the pelvis and thighs. The dual chambers, which correct sacral sitting, create a pre-ischial ridge to prevent the ITs from sliding forward into a posterior pelvic tilt, and hold the pelvis in a neutral position.
(800) 827-4548

The Varilite Reflex non-adjustable cushion targets those at moderate risk of skin breakdown. The cushion delivers air-foam flotation without adjustment. When the client sits on the cushion, a built-in air-release device lets out a portion of air, resulting in a fixed amount of immersion that prevents bottoming out while conforming to the body for pressure distribution, comfort and stability. When the client moves off the cushion, it automatically reinflates.
(800) 827-4548

Booth #1529
Five-Point Restraint Harness
Convaid's WC/19 transit wheelchair with an integrated five-point harness is safer for small children. The wheelchair-anchored, five-point restraint harness offers improved restraint and safety by improving belt fit and encouraging better distribution of restraint forces to the strongest skeletal regions of the body.
Convaid Inc.
(888) 266-8243

Booth #221
Prairie View Industries
Bariatric Threshold Ramps
Prairie View Industries offers four Bariatric Threshold Ramps. The models BAR1636 and BAR2436 carry a load capacity of 400 lbs. single axle and 800 lbs. double axle. Models TH1636 and TH2436 carry a load capacity of 300 lbs. single axle and 600 lbs. double axle.
Prairie View Industries Inc.
(800) 554-7267

Booth #1420
Pride Mobility Products
Jazzy Select 6
The Jazzy Select 6 power chair from Pride Mobility Products features Mid-Wheel 6 technology with Active-Trac suspension. In-line motor technology is incorporated for increased efficiency, torque and range. A tool-less front panel offers access to electronics to minimize service time. The chair also includes 6" casters on the front and rear, a 40-amp PG GC controller and an articulating rear caster beam.
Pride Mobility Products Corp.
(800) 800-8586

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