MagicWheels Wins BusinessWeek IDEA Award

MagicWheels, a two-gear manual wheelchair wheel, has won a silver medal in the IDEA competition, a program co-sponsored by BusinessWeek and the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

The IDEA program promotes business and public understanding of the impact of industrial design excellence on the quality of life and economy. More than 1,700 products were entered in the competition this year, and judges sought “the perfect marriage between outstanding aesthetics and strategic business development, where form and function merge as one in a rare union.”

MagicWheels seeks to reduce strain and stress on manual chair propellers’ arms and shoulders, particularly when going up and down inclines. The design of the wheel enables users to “shift” into a lower gear when approaching challenging terrains and offers downhill braking assistance. MagicWheels do not use batteries or motors, and are designed to fit most manual wheelchairs without adding width (compared to standard spoked wheels).

Said MagicWheels VP Allan Boyd, “We are thrilled to accept this award and look forward to continuing to demonstrate the significant benefits of MagicWheels for manual wheelchair users. With our independent, federally funded study, we have confirmed that MagicWheels technology can reduce shoulder pain and promote increased mobility and independence.” For more information, go to

This article originally appeared in the September 2007 issue of Mobility Management.

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