Moving on Up: Bruno’s VPL-3100 Takes Users to New Heights

When tight spaces or steep grades require a lift, Bruno Independent Living Aids suggests the only way to go is up — via the VPL-3100. This vertical platform lift includes standard features such as an automatic self-lowering folding ramp, separate up and down push-button switches with key switch control, and a spring-sensitive bottom plate that shuts the unit down when an obstruction is encountered. The VPL is available in 53” (VPL-3153) and 75” (VPL-3175) maximum floor-to-floor heights, and the 750-lb. weight capacity ensures it can accommodate a wide range of today’s most popular power chairs and scooters (not to mention their users and caregivers). Optional features include a top landing gate that includes call/send controls with key and mechanical interlock, and manual hand crank lowering provided via top cap. To see the VPL in action, or to show potential customers how it works, go to, click on Vertical Platform Lifts, and view the video. Or call (866) 882-4990 for more information.

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