NKBA Offers Free Consumer Workbook

The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) offers a free consumer kitchen and bath workbook “to help you turn your dreams into reality” — and to help consumers get more realistic about what a remodel entails. Predictably, the workbook encourages consumers to consult professionals instead of doing the work themselves. But the workbook also can serve as a tool for both professionals and consumers by teaching consumers to consider flooring, lighting, safety features such as grab bars and temperature controls, fixtures and decorative style (Victorian, eclectic, modern, Southwestern) from the very beginning of the process. There’s also practical advice on budgeting and coping with disruptions during the remodeling process (start thinking about portable showers, and start clipping those coupons to local restaurants beforehand). For your free workbook or to order one for a potential customer, go to www.nkba.org and click on “Workbook” in the “NKBA for Consumers” menu.

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