Gendron Establishes New HQ, Expands Manufacturing Operations

Gendron, Inc., has moved its corporate headquarters to Bryan, Ohio, and will be expanding its Pioneer, Ohio, manufacturing facility as well. The corporate offices in Bryan include Gendron’s customer service, sales and accounting functions, while the Pioneer offices will house Gendron’s engineering, design, prototyping, testing, final assembly and primary shipping/receiving facilities.

Other component manufacturing will take place in Gendron’s south-central Ohio, northeast Indiana and southern Michigan plants.Gendron manufactures bariatric home medical equipment and recently hired Dr. Kevin Huffman to serve as its medical director. Huffman, a board-certified bariatric physician, has more than 17 years of clinical experience in obesity management.

“In the past 10 years, we have nearly tripled our sales,” said Gendron President/CEO Steve Cotter. “Expanding and modernizing our facilities, as this move allows us to do, enables us to continue to develop innovative bariatric care products and meet demand for those products.”

Gendron’s main sales and customer service number remains the same: (800) 537-2521. The company’s new address is 520 Mulberry St., Bryan, OH 43506. The toll phone number is (419) 636-0848; the fax number is (419) 636-9261. The company’s cyberspace address remains the same as well:

This article originally appeared in the January 2008 issue of Mobility Management.

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