Moen’s At Home e-newsletter

Consumer Resource to Share

One way to get a step up on your competition is to build loyalty with current clients — and one of the best ways to do that is to offer “something extra,” such as educational opportunities and resources.

Here’s one we like: Moen’s monthly “At Home” Design e-magazine. The free newsletter, sent straight to e-mailboxes, offers home renovation and design advice, with an understandable focus on the kitchen and bathroom, where Moen’s products are most likely to be used.

The stories here aren’t exclusively targeted to home accessibility or mobility consumers, but the topics are still valuable. For instance, the January issue gave advice on how to choose and hire a dependable contractor, and the product focus was handheld showerheads.

At Home also features case studies of renovated rooms, lots of photos, and plenty of product information. To sign up yourself, go to For more information on Home Care by Moen’s line of bath safety and home accessibility products, visit

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