NHIC Corp., the DME MAC A, will unveil a new telephone reopenings process on March 24.

The new process, NHIC said in a news release, "will make the telephone reopenings process faster and more efficient." Starting on March 24, telephone reopenings will be performed by a live representative as the provider waits on the line.

The new number to call for telephone reopenings is (317) 595-4371.

NHIC said the new process will enable providers to work directly and in real time with the reopenings representative who fields the call. The provider can wait on the line while the reopening is processed.

Providers can also call the reopenings line for related issues and to follow up on previous reopenings-related calls.

NHIC asks providers to have the following information available when calling the reopening line: PTAN (NSC) number; beneficiary's Medicare number; beneficiary's name; date of service; and claim control number.

Providers can also continue to use the fax reopening process, which NHIC says is not affected by the new telephone reopening process.

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