Golden Technologies Introduces New Lift Chair Fabric Choices

Golden Technologies has introduced new fabric choices for its lift chair lines.
The new fabric choices include SofTouch with Stain Defense and Bronco vinyl.CEO Rich Golden called the new fabrics “the most significant fabric change we’ve had since we launched Ultraleather Brisa. We know that fabric plays an important role in lift chair selection for consumers and greatly affects a dealer’s ability to sell lift chairs. The introduction of these new fabrics allows our dealers to offer the most luxurious, softest standard fabrics on the market today in very appealing patterns and colors.”

All new SofTouch with Stain Defense fabrics come standard with a stain shield, a trait that Golden Technologies says eliminates the extra cost and production time previously needed, when the stain shield had to be added to the fabric before the chair could be built.

Golden’s CEO describes the new fabrics as softer to the touch, with colors more vibrant than previous choices.
The new fabrics are being transitioned into the production process, and Golden Technologies says, “Customer service agents will be able to explain to dealers when they place their order which of the fabrics they will receive.”
Golden Technologies is based in Old Forge, Penn., and can be visited online at

This article originally appeared in the April 2008 issue of Mobility Management.

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